Are you looking for the fantastic free version of Superb themes that are compatible with the free version of WordPress well responsive themes with quality design and decent support for your WordPress website?

Searching for the Best free WordPress theme is a very difficult task from a large number of themes, so we picked up the 7 Superb themes with a free version available in 2022.

These WordPress themes are fully responsive that is fast, reliable, (easy to customize), and lightweight, also provide better functionality.

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So, let’s discuss the best Premium WordPress themes for your business which we are going to start.

Best Free Version of Superb Themes

1. Ecocoded

2. Corporately

3. Customizable Blogily 

4. Membershiply

5. Superb Landing Page

6. Publishable Mag

7. Foodie Blog

1. Ecocoded

Ecocoded is one of the fewer impact themes for WordPress, this theme is eco-friendly.

Because it uses some colors to reduce your visitor device power usage, load time and this theme does not use animation that is beneficial for the website in terms of Google ranking factors.

Ecocoded theme is normally SEO friendly, responsive, and lightweight and it supports most plugins and page builders like Telementor.

This theme also provides some advertisement space for AdSense and other Ads services.

Features of Ecocoded theme:-

  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Automatically use low-resolution images
  • Custom logo text & color
  • Sustainable, low impact & eco-friendly.
  • Reduced & compressed code
  • custom header text & button
  • Elementor Support

2. Corporately

Corporately is the ultimate responsive theme for online business with a maximum decent design for a business website.

For the business Corporately is a lightweight and fully SEO Optimized theme, so it will help you to rank in search engines.

This theme is also helpful in Creating Landing Page for Sales or Lead Generation. The Header is more attractive, and this theme is easy to set up.

Feature of Corporately theme

  • Header Background Color/Image
  • Well SEO Optimized
  • Premium Support
  • Elementor Compatible
  • PageSpeed Plugin
  • Custom Header Height
  • Custom Blog/ Page/Post Color

3. Customizable Blogily

The Customizable Blogily theme provides the features to create any kind of blog like Journalist writing or newspapers and lifestyles blog.

The code of this WP theme is written clean, so it will provide you with a load faster & quick response with a skyrocketed page speed.

This theme is simple to set up or customize even if you have no technical knowledge.

It provides you with customizable features and also It is SEO Optimized with & lightweight flexible theme for blogging.

Its interface is more attractive it grabs the attention of visitors to your website, this WordPress theme offers a 2-column layout, so you can build an elegant website.

Here, you can easily add elements to your own choice of space. And the content is well arranged for your audience, so they can not confused.

4. Membershiply

Membershiply is unexpectable flexible and well optimized for search engines for community and membership themes for WordPress.

By Using this plugin Profile Grid, we can create multiple user profiles, groups, memberships, communities, and content sticky.

This theme comes with some weird great highlighted features that help you to create a beautiful website with lots of functionality.

It has page builder compatibility with Beaver Builder and Elementor, and it is easy to use on every electronic device like mobile phones, Android, and  Windows phones.

Membershiply is the best theme for the beginner and it helps us to design the header and add a personal image in the header section.

We highly recommend you to use the social plugin bbPress to create converting forms, your user can chat easily.

Features of Membershiply Theme

  • Clean decent design
  • Create endless Community with a dynamic ProfileGrid plugin
  • It allows users to post Blogs and Wall Posts
  • Provides a Great messaging option for communicating
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Multiple widget areas for Google AdSense and monetizing your website
  • Beaver Builder and Elementor compatibility
  • Full-Width Template for a dynamic look and feel

5.Superb Landing Page

Superb Landing Page is a super responsive flexible landing page WordPress theme.

Superb Landing Page is basically for the multi-purpose theme, it works for businesses or corporate, blogs, journalists, authors, newspapers, etc.

Overall as per my research and opinion, this theme is perfect for the affiliate marketer and photographer and also it is a completely SEO optimized theme, we have discussed its features below.

Features of Superb landing Page

  • Hide Featured Images On Blog Posts
  • Custom Navigation Logo & Title/Tagline
  • Hide Navigation Title and/or Tagline
  • Hide Navigation Completely
  • Custom Navigation Colors
  • 3 Footer Widgets
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Header & Footer Menu
  • Fully SEO Optimized
  • 0.2 Seconds Load Time
  • Landing Page: Pagebuilder Section
  • Landing Page: Grid Section (Up To 9 Grid Boxes)
  • Landing Page: About Section
  • Landing Page: Blog Posts Section
  • Hide Sidebar On Posts
  • Hide Sidebar On Pages
  • Custom Blog Feed Colors

 6. Publishable Mag

Don’t miss out become a member of this amazing WordPress theme to create a decent digital news website, educational online editorial magazine, a personal modern lifestyle blog, or an affiliate review website.

This theme is made for search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc., so it’s is a great opportunity to beat other bloggers in Google ranking.

Publishable Mag is one of the superb themes with the free version for any newbie, it is a well-structured and SEO Optimized WordPress

Feature of Publishable Mag

  • Custom Primary Color
  • Numbered Pagination
  • Page Background Image
  • Header Background image & Logo Image / Text
  • SEO Optimized Theme
  • SEO Plugin & Page Speed Plugin
  • Full-Width Mode

7. Foodie Blog

If you are a food lover who wants to quick start on a food blog then foodie Blog is a superb theme with the free version of WordPress in 2021.

It is elegant and minimalistic for your blog post and articles or the content areas, and Foodie Blog is the best for the Instantly Seo Optimized theme.

Its interface is secure and well-optimized for the Adsense affiliate links, we have listed its features in detail.

Features of Foodie Blog

  1. Flexible and Responsive Design
  2. Seo Optimized
  3. Custom site title
  4. Custom Tagline
  5. Hide Title & Tagline
  6. Custom Favicon


We have listed  Super themes with the free version available in 2021, we have listed in detail the features and usability in different categories.

Don’t forget to choose the best-tested theme for you, We hope you like the journey of the free WordPress theme.

We wish you all success in your blogging journey, join the blogging club and learn more.