Benefits of narrow artificial intelligence


We can beat humans in a single task with narrow artificial intelligence systems. Among the benefits of narrow artificial intelligence is a system that uses x-ray images to detect cancerous growths more quickly and accurately than a radiologist.

However, a predictive maintenance platform can analyze sensor data in real-time. It is a job that is almost impossible for humans or groups of people to do. It is highly challenging to forecast when a machine part can or will fail and thereby prevent it from malfunctioning in the future.

Age of Artificial Intelligence

In many ways, artificial intelligence (AI) is engulfing us in the modern age. People of all walks of life are attempting to picture the future as this exponential technology improves. Defining artificial intelligence has become more complex due to a steady stream of new information.

Only a few of us are capable of defining artificial intelligence. As with other popular buzzwords like “robots,” most of us wrongly use them as synonyms.

Weak AI, often known as artificial narrow intelligence, is the current state of artificial intelligence in our world (ANI). Narrow artificial intelligence is used for specialized tasks like weather forecasting, playing chess, or analyzing raw data to write news stories.

Examples of Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Many narrow AI systems exist, but they all rely on data collection to accomplish a specific goal. Aside from their primary function, these systems are limited in their capabilities. Unlike humans, narrow artificial intelligence cannot see, feel, or express emotions in the same way. Strong artificial intelligence acts inside a set range, despite its appearance.

For example, narrow artificial intelligence comprises all forms of current machine intelligence. Natural language processing systems like Siri and google translate are examples of narrow AI.

Human-computer communication and language comprehension are possible with these “weak” artificial intelligence systems, but their intelligence pales compared to that of humans.

They lack self-awareness, consciousness, and natural intelligence instead of human cognition. This means they are unable to make their own choices.

Benefits of Narrow Artificial Intelligence

There are many benefits of narrow artificial intelligence. Some of them are explained below:

Mimicking Human Behavior

The objective of narrow AI, which takes a logical approach, is to mimic human behavior. The vast majority of the time, it sifts through massive amounts of data and extracts just what is necessary. However, the real benefit is when contextually stacking searches and reports to develop proper situations. Context, context, context – the three Cs are brought to life in this case.

Siri, for example, is a terrible illustration of weak artificial intelligence. Such as “where can I get a cup of coffee nearby?” is ordinary. As soon as you choose a choice, you will be shown a matching pinpoint on the map. This is a tepid response in light of what technology is capable of now.

A narrow artificial intelligence may be programmed to locate nearby coffee shops and the most efficient means of transportation, their travel times, and other relevant information, such as bus stops, railway stations, and so on. However, the directions and travel times would be divided according to the method of transportation.

To add to the fun, you can find out about the weather nearby attractions and even let friends know that you will be at the coffee shop through email or social media (and at what time).

The Lowdown for Business

Your company can develop a mobile-first iPhone business solution to demonstrate how narrow artificial intelligence is used contextually and multi-layered. A calendar invitation must be given or accepted by the user using any calendar service for lowdown to work (google, outlook, etc.).

Once the app has been downloaded, it automatically generates upcoming meetings. Travel options are shown, as well as when and how long it will take to get to the meeting location, profiles of attendees and companies, and recent tweets and email exchanges. It is all right there in front of you.

Utilizing an app, you may do this in a matter of seconds, saving you the time and effort of searching the internet, using calendars, timetables, or maps. Tracking attendees’ emails and tweets are easy, and responses may be sent quickly.

The lowdown concept can be easily integrated into corporate diary systems with access to internal material. For example, business executives will know precisely where and when the meeting will take place and who will be in attendance and what documents they will need.

Prospects of Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses


narrow artificial intelligence

It is also possible to download apps that can help you discover information. Care into the people around you, whether you are searching for someone to look after your children or a teacher, or even learn more about the neighborhood. The potential of narrow artificial intelligence is limited, but it is unmatched for better organization and information gathering.

“Autonomous weapons” refers to weaponry fitted with artificial intelligence (AI). If in the wrong hands, these weapons can cause enormous devastation. As a result of an artificial intelligence arms race, an artificial intelligence war might end in catastrophic extinction.

In the event of an assault, weapons like these would be brutal to “turn off,” making it conceivable for humans to lose control of them. There is a risk at modest levels of artificial intelligence and autonomy, but it rises as these levels develop.


Despite its lack of complexity, there are wide ranges of benefits of narrow artificial intelligence to individuals and organizations alike. Scan and gather critical information from the whole web with incredible accuracy in a fraction of a second. Furthermore, narrow artificial intelligence may be trained to send specific information to certain third parties and update any information supplied automatically.

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