Self-Driving Technology

Driverless technology aims to eliminate many human errors that can result in heavy losses. It reduces collisions and enhances the economy, eventually transforming the world. EES provides comprehensive automotive consulting services leveraging decades-long expertise in high-performance computing, imaging, and artificial intelligence.

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    Areas of Expertise

    Our automotive consulting teams have proven track records in the industry providing bespoke solutions for manufacturers of light trucks, commercial trucks, and off-highway vehicles. Let EES Automotive help you transition to modern driverless technology and ditch traditional value chains. As a team, we provide support with services to improve automotive innovation, supply chain, operational excellence, and overall business development.

    Autonomous Driving

    Powered by innovative interaction concepts and the continuous development of automated driving features, passengers can stay up-to-date. It helps drivers understand all vehicle functions and embrace emerging technology.

    Automotive Connectivity and Digitalization

    A car connected to the internet will be like a device on wheels that can be controlled digitally. As a communications systems provider, we offer highly secure in-vehicle platforms and vehicle-to-vehicle networks supported by a broad and connected ecosystem. Shared mobility services will result in new solutions for urban mobility.

    Real Customer Satisfaction

    Customer centricity in the automotive and mobility industries will be as prevalent as it is in technology today, with offerings and processes that cater completely to the customer's needs. With EES help, you can transform many disconnected interactions into one unified, influential, and purposeful experience for your customers.

    Automotive Security

    In recent years, connected cars have been subjected to high-profile security problems due to internet-based threats. Our expertise is in providing trusted and proven security assurance services and solutions to the automotive industry. Assured Security Consultants offer qualified expertise and tools to assess the security of any electric vehicle: hypercars, hybrid car-sharing platforms, self-driving trucks, connected buses, etc.

    Hybrid Electric Solutions

    With our expertise in power electronics, we can facilitate the development of electric vehicles and accelerate their adoption. Controls and sensors for batteries, charging, and grid balancing are among the things we have developed as part of our experience in sub-system, vehicle, and infrastructure architectures.

    Autonomous Driving

    Automotive Connectivity and Digitalization

    Real Customer Satisfaction

    Automotive Security

    Hybrid Electric Solutions

    Rethink Traditional Value Chains and Embrace Modern Driverless Technology with EES Automotive Consulting Services!

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    How Do We Help?


    Looking for an IT company that supports your engineering processes, equipment, and software applications? You're in good hands with EES! EES provides expert engineering technology services that assist you in continuously improving process and system availability through ongoing analysis of business needs and technology assessments. It is easy to generate, validate, and implement ideas that benefit your business with EES, no matter where you are in the process. From improvements to a new service - we create unique solutions tailored to your business needs.


    A good engineering strategy begins with technical specifications that explain why a particular solution is appropriate. Our services aim to help define a strategic growth plan and roadmap for aggressively tapping the digital market potential. Our team helps organizations formulate a compelling brand narrative and vision. We endeavour to complement our clients’ capabilities and fulfill the technological requirements to have a synergistic effect. Our solution engineers work with several departments to ensure that improvements are made to the customer experience.


    A team of engineers at EES works closely with the company's IT department to ensure that proper hardware is available and working smoothly. With the help of our machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers and data scientists, you can quickly develop and implement big data, predictive analytics, and AI/ML models, which have proven to be profitable for your business. Additionally, EES Solutions offers maintenance services to ensure problem-free operation and optimal efficiency according to business requirements.


    Invest in EES Engineering Technology Solutions for your business and get the most out of our result-driven expertise. Our goal is to increase efficiencies and productivity for your business while reducing costs and mitigating risks. With our proactive 24x7 support, you can track everything from network traffic to critical issues and receive alerts. Our quality management system guarantees our customers a service that meets their requirements while maintaining efficiency and continuous performance.

    Why Work With Us

    Free Estimations

    Our consulting services are not only cost-saving, but also we don't charge a penny for estimations of solutions, whether for the internet, information, engineering, or financial technology. We know your business needs and value your hard-earned money.

    24/7 Customer Support

    EES customer support team is vigilant and responsive. Our consultancy surely benefits your workflow in multiple ways. The 24/7 customer service caters to the needs of our global customer base regardless of their time zones.


    We have a diverse team of IT experts to handle smooth cloud transition, infrastructure management, cloud maintenance and customization, application development, and security consulting. We can help maintain AI, VR, quantum, and robotics developments.


    EES offers the best cloud computing consulting services & respects advancing technologies in cloud migration, data center networking, software engineering, and Blockchain to fulfill future business needs. We focus on developing & implementing incomparable technologies.

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