What Is The Difference Between A Data Center And Cloud Computing?


What can be the essential part while running the business? Undoubtedly, to keep the data safe, secure, and accessible. No matter the business type, real-time accessibility to the data is essential. But the actual question is: what option will be more secure? Where will your data stay safe? And how can you make access to the data feasible? Well, the search will end in two options: cloud and data center.

Cloud vs. Datacenter is one of the most debated topics in businesses. The most significant difference is their location of data storage. Where a Datacenter tends to keep your IT infrastructure maintained and saves your data on the premises, the cloud is designed for saving data off-premises that is only accessible through and internet but from anywhere and anytime, unlike the data center that offers accessibility only when the person is available on-site.

Introduction to Data Center

Simply explained as an “in-house data storage setup” supervised by the skilled team of IT experts, the data center is an on-premises server that is made to collect and save every inch of data in its hardware. The centers are made safer through physical and virtual strengthening such as firewalls and bullet-proof glass.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

First thing, Cloud computing is not a physical setting. Consider it non-existent support to help you keep the business information flow effortlessly. From a cloud technology, it runs on the internet and is a data storage service available virtually to all online users. No need for any hardware, IT experts, or infrastructure!

Cloud computing lets you accomplish high-end tasks and let you save data from outside damage also with easy backup.

Data Center And Cloud Computing

What is the Difference Between a Data Center and Cloud Computing?

Among all the factors, the three most essential ones are explained here. Cloud vs. Data center is a crucial topic to be discussed. Keep reading the blog to know about the vital differences.

Customizable vs. Scalable

The most evident difference between these two is their ability to get customized or scaled up!

Having a data center means you are welcome to customize and bring the desired changes to the stored data and the available hardware. There is no involvement of a third party letting you have complete control over hardware infrastructure. To enhance the capacity as data centers are known to be limited or bring the anticipated changes, you must purchase and install more equipment replacing old technology. That is not the case with a cloud data system!

First, the cloud comes with a potentially limitless capacity. But depending on the use, you can scale up or scale down the features BUT cannot customize. Why? Because the third party is involved, that is the service providers. They own and manage the data center system and allow you to save the data only.

High-level Security

Genuinely speaking, both are safe and secure, but comparatively, the cloud will be safer!

Being physically present, the data center can be damaged by terrorist attacks, natural calamities (earthquakes, floods), and hackers. In fact, people of the company who don’t have the approved credentials can also access data sometimes that can be highly risky. It comes with broader access points making numerous vulnerabilities.

Talking about the cloud, it is not present on-premises means no one without access can enter, or he/she will be detected. No floods or earthquakes can damage your data. The problem of having untalented IT teams can be finished as you will be entrusting your data to a 3rd part, that ensures to provide the latest security certifications.


It goes without saying, but a data center is definitely an expensive option. The difference, as well as the reason for choosing the cloud, is its cost-effectiveness.

Building a data center, installing all the hardware, and strategizing the high-grade security need millions. And yes, the time, too. How can you forget to add the system’s maintenance cost? It means, operating a data center can cost a company somewhere between $10 million to $25 annually.

Setting a cloud service can be far more budget-friendly. It doesn’t demand time or effort to install the programs, extra money, or maintenance costs for running the systems. As soon as you register and pay the money, you are all set! Besides, you will be paying for the service you use in cloud computing and when you use it. No using a specific feature? Scale it down and save the money!

Cloud Computing Vs Data Center

Other factors to Consider

  • Data centers have limited capacity depending on the space available for installing hardware, but cloud computing capacity is unlimited and can be scaled up with a simple subscription.
  • In data centers, the performance and reliability depend only on the team and business members, but in cloud service, the Cloud service provider is responsible.
  • Datacenter allows accessibility only when you are on the premises. Cloud computing lets you access and makes the necessary changes to the data anytime, no matter what part of the world you are in.
  • Where Cloud computing is fault-tolerant, data Centers are not.
  • For data centers, you must have a big team of IT professionals, but cloud computing needs no team as it is the responsibility of the service provider to look after the technicalities.
  • Cloud services can be availed at small investments, but for a data center, you need a huge investment.

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