Limitations of Cloud Computing and its 5 Disadvantages


Limitations of Cloud Computing

The limitations of Cloud Computing can be quite daunting. Especially for businesses with budgets hanging below what’s needed to set up the right IT infrastructure and resources for effective Cloud computing.

Let’s quickly discuss some prominent cloud computing limitations:

Cascading Effect

If one business accesses the resources of cloud computing and if there is any type of problem in their data center, then there are big issues because all virtual machines get affected and there might not be a backup of the data.

Network Connection

The first point considers before choosing cloud computing, the client must have an efficient and reliable network connection because if there is any problem with the network connection to accessing the cloud is also becomes a big problem, performing your cloud computing totally depends on the network connectivity at client-side the speed of download speed is slower as compared with the local server.

Control of Data Security

The third limitation is control of data security. You have limited control over the data security in a public cloud. There are more chances of phishing attacks and suspicious activity on data.

Additional Costs

Cloud computing offers various affordable cost benefits to access the data. It provides various additional services, but at an extra charge.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing


The biggest disadvantage of cloud computing is downtime because most of the business totally depends on the internet to access the data or cloud storage and your business gets affected negatively in a downtime situation. Downtime basically interrupts the workflow of business, your organization will not run smoothly.

Technical Problem

Using cloud computing you have to depend on customer care 24/7 because if you face some technical problem that you cannot manage, then you have to contact customer care. But they may not be available to help you 24/7.

Data Mobility

Data mobility enables us to share the data between various cloud services. If you decide, one day, to end your cloud computing subscription, there may still be local storage from where your data can get used anytime.

Risk of Data Confidentiality

There are also some issues regarding data confidentiality or risk on your data. Thus the cloud protection must secure confidentiality.

Depends on the Internet Connection

Cloud computing fully depends on the internet connection. Whenever you have a disturbance in the network connection, you cannot access the cloud. It is an obstacle to access the machine remotely.

Most developing countries do not have a good internet connection.


We know the importance of cloud computing in today’s era and with this deeper understanding of cloud computing limitations and disadvantages, you will know what to look for when choosing a cloud service provider.

Before selecting any cloud computing service provider, focus on these important points.

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