10 Cloud Computing Applications in 2022


Cloud computing applications are seen in our daily life where software is served as a service. It is done to solve the user’s and company’s problems. It is also used to help the user to access cloud services or to use the Internet of Things?

Let’s understand how technology is making life easy in 2021 with the help of cloud computing. Software nowadays can be used as a service using cloud computing. Users need an internet connection and a browser for this method of software delivery. We can access the data from any device with a different browser.

Cloud Computing Applications

Software as a service is known by different names such as cloud-based service, on-demand software, and web-based software. It provides a complete software solution, and you can use the app for your organization to connect with users by using the Internet. The service providers or vendors host and maintain the cloud server. EES is extending the cloud computing consulting services to gaming, healthcare, food, real estate, and many other industries, helping them adapt to the ever-growing needs for business continuity.

10 Popular Software as a Service (SaaS) Examples

Let’s discuss the popular SaaS applications that can be used by every business for the growth of the company.


Salesforce is a cloud-based SaaS, and it became popular with the use of cloud computing. Salesforce is mostly known for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products, and it allows businesses to collect all the different information about their customer, prospects and leads with a single online platform.
The platform has many data integrations like Salesforce with GSheets integration to streamline data management and improve reporting and performance.

It also allows us to know the authority of a particular employee and lets us access data with any device. Salesforce provides different tools for the improvement of the customer’s sales. This kind of software as a service application is used to fulfill the requirement of a business to raise revenue and save on resources.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office offers various productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also offers a version of MS Office which is cloud-based. Office 365 provides and expands the workplace suite’s parameters. It allows the users to create, edit and share the content from different systems like PC, Mac, IOS, Android, and Windows systems in a short time with their colleagues and customers by using different tools. It can be emailed to other contacts. You can also get the benefits of using these technologies to secure the interaction from both sides inside and outside the organization.


Box provides an online workplace for businesses to collaborate with anyone, anytime, and you can share large files via a traditional link with encrypted permission and a password. The box can support more than 120 files, and receivers can preview the content before downloading. The box allows us to automate tasks such as employed onboarding and contract approvals and reduce the repetition of tasks.

Google Apps

Google offers different productivity tools for advertising and other purposes. Google Apps provides custom professional email, calendar, and Meet application. It also offers cloud-based document storage in Google Drive. It is used to access files instantly. We can also share files with co-workers.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon also provides on-demand cloud-based IT resources and applications for the company, and one can access the services only if you have to pay for the services. Amazon Web Services offer more than 70 services for the company and can be storage, networking, database, analytics, deployment, and other different tools.


Concur is software used by businesses to maintain employees’ travel expenses. Users can automate travel expenses and maintain all the reports. It is a web-based mobile application to book travel plans. You do not need to collect and track the receipt of expenses. They are directly available in digital expense reports.


It is cloud-based customer services for a ticketing platform. It allows us to tackle inbound client requests across different communications channels such as email, the web, and social media. Phone or chat. Zendesk was built with a cloud-based machine learning tool for solving customer questions and requests.


DocuSign offers transaction management services.  It is used for the exchange of digital contracts and other e-signed documents.  Users can access, sign and send the document from their office to anywhere else. DocuSign’s e-signatures are used in different virtual transactions across the globe.


Dropbox helps its users to access their files globally from anywhere and also keeps their files and documents safe at their fingertips. When you add any file to Dropbox storage,  it shows on desktop and mobile devices. It allows people to start the project on a PC, and you can edit it on your Smartphone. You can invite the users or teammates to access any Dropbox file or folder and send them links with full credentials and password-protected links.


Slack is a communication platform. It allows us to do real-time messages and improvise business communication. It also helps us to organize the conversations in open channels and avoid limitations in communication between participants. Colleagues can interact one-to-one using a private and secure message. It enables the professional to share files, document spreadsheets, and portable documents.


So in this article, we see various applications of software as a service model. You can select the best SaaS provider as per your requirement. SaaS helps you to minimize resources and perform tasks easily. Do not forget to leave a positive comment below.

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