10 Must-Know Features of a Great Mobile Application


Today’s world is running on mobile applications. There is not a thing for which you won’t find an application. Whether you want to communicate with your loved ones or join a business meeting online, shop while staying at home or book a ride for your destination, entertain yourself through games or run a business for brand building, you will get an application for all of these.

Developers out there are using creativity to develop applications that users could effectively use and get productive outcomes. But certain features make a great application and this read is all about such features. Just roll down to know those features to develop an application that is loved by everyone!

Stick With Simplicity

Many people out there are unable to retain their attention for a longer time. This is the reason your application should be simple enough to allow the user to navigate it with ease and not lose their attention understanding how to use it. If not taken care of, you might lose your valuable customer. If your customers find it easy to access and collect the information, they are most likely to make a purchase through your app. Therefore, stick with a simple interface to enhance the user’s experience.

Good Resolution Matters!

As you make the user experience serene through the simplicity of the app structure, focus on getting good resolution images to ensure your customers have a worthwhile experience. Users today expect a high-definition image with a range of multi-colors. You should not restrict your app in this regard to limit your sales.

Develop With Fast Loading Speeds

This feature is quite vital as it ensures that the users will not be struck by boredom. Of course, no one likes waiting, instead, it is a frustrating element for the customer that may result in leaving your app and ultimately losing your customer. The fast-loading speeds also refer to the use of appropriate graphics and preventing large tables. Everything should be quick and simple.

Keep it Flexible

Android and iPhone app developers work on various mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and windows. To get the best outcome through your app, make it flexible on these platforms. You need to test the apps on these systems to ensure that the size screens and the resolutions are a perfect fit.

 Add Search Options

You may think of it as a minor feature but actually it matters a lot. Many users make use of this feature and therefore it is necessary that you add it to your application. For social variety and business, it is quite an essential feature for an application.

You Couldn’t Compromise on Security

You must be aware of how internet security has always been an issue for the user. The same goes for the application. As your application will store sensitive information such as personal details, and credit or debit card details, it is a must you don’t compromise on the security of the app. Stealing customer data, screen lock passcodes, and getting private business assets are some of the reasons you should be tight on your app security.

Make it Eye-Catching

Of course, a captivating and appealing app does attract the customer. Eye-catching color schemes should be used in the design to throw a stylish yet professional look. You may use the color wheel to know the complementary colors.

Integrate Push Notifications

Push notification is a great feature letting the customer see content that they may find interesting. It is much better than a mail that may end up in the spam folder. Also, it is easier to send by comparing it to emails. The push notifications may be any graphic, text, or both. Relevant and personalized messages regarding any latest deals or discounts will attract the customer to make a purchase.

Sound Effects

Another feature that app developers need to consider is sound effects, especially mobile app developers. Whether you are developing a game for iOS or android, game lovers find this feature most exciting. A game without sounds is quite boring and uninteresting. So, try to create games with interesting sound effects that engage readers. Remember games with the right sound effects engage players and make their mood enthusiastic.

Integrate Social Media

Integrating social media in your app help users invite their friends to use your app, talk about its uniqueness, & share their perspective with others. Therefore, app owners take advantage of integrating social media in their apps, the more users use their app, share about their stuff will result in high traffic.

A Final Takeaway

As you read the features of a great app, make sure that your application carries these features to make it an excellent experience for the user. Focusing on the core features will allow you to satisfy your customers and retain them. Mobile App Development that is not productive in its functionality will not bring you fruitful outcomes.

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