9 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts to Follow [2023]


Cyberattacks are one of the significant threats to industries, whether they are online. Or not. To safeguard your information, keep the danger away, and get maximum safety and security, you must understand cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity podcasts are growing in importance because every user and government agency seeks ways to maintain protection. For a successful business, you must maintain the safety of assets and investors. The war between hackers and cybersecurity experts is inevitable.

Still, you can strengthen your protocols and fortify security by practicing authentic cybersecurity approaches. This article highlights the best podcast, even for a simple user, to help you stay updated with all-time growing and upgrading cybersecurity strategies.

The Best Cybersecurity Podcasts

The most reliable and outstanding resource to build familiarity with digital IT is cybersecurity podcasts. They provide you with the latest news on new hackers, malware, attacking vectors, and safety techniques. The top cybersecurity podcasts you must listen to for defending your company or information, system, or data include:

1- Cyber Motherboard (Vice News)

It is one of the top-rated cyber podcasts where you get the chance to listen to the informative talk between Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai and Joseph Cox with the host Ben Makuch. They discuss the newest cybersecurity stories, latest news, and IT events. In their weekly conversation, they talk about legendary hackers and their astonishing hacking tales. If you want to know all about the IT security industry, this is your solution.

2- Darknet Diaries

Are you interested in knowing about all the shady things going on the net? Listen to this podcast. Jack Rhysider made this cybersecurity podcast a bi-weekly show that airs for 60 minutes. Listeners enjoy all the true flattering stories of the dark web involving cybercrime and hackers. Darknet Diaries focuses on crime and technology and provides a detail-oriented investigation on three vast topics: ATM hacking, carding history, and Stuxnet. It is unquestionably the most thought-provoking podcast. Oh yes, it also educates you along with entertaining.

3- Unsupervised Learning Podcast

It is one of the shortest cybersecurity podcasts that typically air for a maximum of 30 minutes, but hands down to the authentic and up-to-date information it provides. Hosted by Daniel Miessler, an information security professional gives a weekly overview of digital security. He delivers 5-20 hours of research on cybersecurity and technology with precision, interest, diligence, and accuracy in just half an hour.

Being a comprehensive and all-encompassing commentary, Miessler analyzes and informs us about how current IT and security affairs will affect the future digital lifestyle.

4- Malicious Life

A cybersecurity company named Cybereason produces this podcast. Ran Levi hosts this cybersecurity podcast which is well-produced that emphasizes the current potential threats and future IT threats. The show covers many topics masterfully.

Providing you with everything you need to know about IT security-related, its three seasons have already aired. The primary topics it covers include the history of hacking, information warfare, and cybercrime.

5- Social-Engineer Podcast

Do you want to find out how a hacker tricked you and manipulated you into his mischief? Listen to Chris “logan HD” Hadnagy, and you will know how to save yourself from this big scam!

As the name reflects, it identifies and eliminates all possible socially engineered cybercrimes and their effects on IT infrastructure. It is a monthly cybersecurity podcast with an episode of an average of 50 minutes, and it will never be a waste of your time. They are available on Spotify and iTunes.

This podcast will help you find the solution to ultimate safety in this terrorizing digital world. Three specific topics it covers include:

  • Online Privacy
  • Misinformation techniques
  • Psychology of social engineering

6- 443 Podcast

443 is one of the most trusted podcasts to look to for instant security solutions to cyber threats. The 443 aims to make IT security and digital safety unpretentious, clear, and understandable, even for simple users.

Marc Laliberte, the host, usually invites guests with long IT professional experience. Listeners know the host of the cybersecurity podcast for his extensive research skills. He explains security dangers and underlines how to escape them with the help of confident and engaging personalities.

7- Security Now

Run by Leo Laporte, started in 2005 – one of the oldest podcasts. This weekly podcast is also the longest show, comprising 100 minutes. The show is more focused on discussing personal security issues, threats, and solutions. Besides, they base talk on vulnerabilities and new malware. You will know what is happening all around the world.

8- Smashing Security

Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault are the hosts. They make their show more engaging and informative by inviting over an array of professionals from the IT and digital, software, and hacking worlds. By utilizing their expertise in this weekly podcast, they cover three issues:

  • Abusive corporate apps
  • Adult website censorship
  • Pros and cons of 2FA

This 50-minute long podcast differs from others because of its casual talking style. They highlight the troublesome issues and discuss the solution light-heartedly. Best explained as “helpful and hilarious,” it covers everything related to cybercrime.

9- Hacking Humans

You can listen to this cybersecurity podcast on Thursdays. It airs for a maximum of 40 minutes. Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan cover as much information about IT, phishing attempts, cybersecurity, insider threats, hackers, software history, social engineering, and similar criminal exploits as possible.

Recognizing all the new and expected vulnerabilities and increasing or ongoing hacking trends highlights the close connection of cybersecurity to human psychology. They tell you about the tools and tips to keep yourself safe from typical scams. Note: As Amazon Associates, we may earn from qualifying purchases.

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