All You Need to Know About The Top 5 Datacenter Security Solutions


What is a Datacenter Security Solution?

Data Center Security Solutions are the specialized tools, software, and equipment that help you keep your data secured from threats; internal or external, and increase sustainability. Security solutions get designed to safeguard your online networked system from cyber-attacks and to ensure security over your business’ computing infrastructure.

The top three goals for datacenter security solutions include:

  1. Prevention from damage
  2. Fast detection of probable threats
  3. Quick Remediation

Datacenter security software works by either creating an unbreakable firewall or detailed security monitoring to track allowed and unauthorized access to data resources. While choosing your data center security product, ensure to check all the features.

Most of the datacenter security solutions offer several additional safety features to help manage security-related threats better.

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A security solution was established around toughening datacenter security. They designed FireEye for cybersecurity and it evidently delivers targeted security. This solution is can detect advanced terrorizations, and it’s engineered to launch the best-mitigated response to remove any threat.

The FireEye Helix is the key product; a cloud-hosted security platform featuring high-grade endpoint security, expansive apparency, threat intelligence, and network and email security.

What a useful package!

With the use of advanced analytics and AI, you can catch all threats in real-time. Besides, you will know more about your datacenter’s limitations and program vulnerabilities. This will help you fortify those special security measures.


Cisco Systems need no introduction!

They have introduced a highly commanding and strong software-focused networking security tool that will amaze you with its long list of impressive AI features and standard tools for securing your datacenter against cyberattacks. Looking at the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) platform, you need to be an expert, because one with simple basic knowledge cannot handle it.

It’s quite a complex tool, but definitely worth the effort. Consider it a smart, long-lasting investment. Cisco datacenter security systems are made for consistent multi-cloud networking. All you need is ONE click, and they will present you with all Cisco ACI fabric information in a single view. Cisco Cloud ACI guarantees secure automated connectivity.


If you want a variety of security solutions for your datacenter, look no further than IBM. It guarantees enhanced security.

IBM Cloud Pak System Offering 0

Buying IBM will get you:

  • Unbeatable firewall management
  • Unparalleled intelligent cloud management
  • Hyperactive intrusion detection
  • Highly responsive prevention system management
  • Immediate security intelligence analysis
  • Refined gateway management
  • Forged endpoint security
  • Ultra-secure SD-WAN
  • Robust unified threat management


This is one of the most recognized names for delivering top-class security services. McAfee datacenter security solutions make massive amounts of data threat resistant. This solution has cloud-native tools that comprise a long-range of useful and inspiring products and services.

Alongside overall visibility, it offers renowned protection regarding unpatched databases, with highlighted features that include:

  • Amazing endpoint security
  • Cloud access security broker (CASB)
  • Data loss prevention
  • Automated database discovery
  • Easy to use single-pane manageability
  • Advanced encryption tools

Are you interested in having real-time protection from internal, external, and intra-database threats? Then this is your solution.


It’s impossible to roam the cybersecurity field and never come across the name Symantec!

With broad-scale enterprise items that address many datacenter security threats along with sustaining their security, Symantec is always ready to give you integrated cybersecurity with its highly progressive software. The key appeal for Symantec is how its system can detect and mitigate advanced threats whilst protecting information with outclassed endpoint data security.

sddc security

Its tools can effectively give you the best of both the cloud and on-premise worlds!


With all-inclusive server protection, it will make the monitoring easier either through clouds or firewalls. The astonishing ability to block zero-day exploits takes it to the top of the list.

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