Facebook Vs LinkedIn: Which is best for B2B marketing?


In the past few years, the importance of social media platforms has surfaced, especially when we are talking about B2B marketing. In fact, all marketers tend to use social media content to mark their presence in the global market, but the question has remained the same: WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM WILL BENEFIT B2B MARKETING THE MOST?

Genuinely speaking, two platforms have always been the priority: Facebook and LinkedIn. To turn your efforts into a successful journey, you need to pick the right platform. People are confused, about whether they should publicize more on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Marketing is a hot topic. Typically, Facebook is the source of sharing your fun videos, adventurous stories, discount flyers for your business marketing purpose, and family or vacation pictures all over your Facebook dashboard. And LinkedIn is recognized as a professional platform for job searching and making career progress. But in reality, both platforms can offer you a variety of golden marketing opportunities. With the help of these social applications, you will reach your target audience quickly and efficiently.

Facebook and LinkedIn are undeniably the most used platforms. As far as the matter of delivering content, they are equally advantageous. B2B Marketing on these two social media platforms can help you get a hold of the maximum audience engagement.

facebook vs linkedin marketing

Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Marketing: Which Is Best for Business?

No one can deny the fact that Facebook and LinkedIn are Social Media giants. Running marketing campaigns on both can help you achieve your goal. They have a better and more friendly user interface. No matter what industry you deal in, targeting potential clients on Facebook or hunting the right audience on LinkedIn is more manageable, efficient, and highly practical.

LinkedIn is always a preferable option for developing career partnerships and expanding professional networking, but LinkedIn has so much more to offer now. It has been revolutionized and features plenty of specifications and layouts similar to social media sites for better marketing. Now, you can update your status, upload a picture, publish your blog, start a private chat, share a Linkedin video privately or publicly and promote your brand or company through public pages. 

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Facebook has also received a boost in its features making it more feasible and operational for B2B marketing. The ability it gives you to chat with the audience, send your content to other companies, get in contact with other businesses for updates, and most importantly, the “sharing” button – the most significant selling point. By making groups, you can communicate with like-minded people.

In the debate of Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Marketing, both are customer-centered platforms that circle around the needs of the user. Both are loaded with powerful and impactful Ad setups features. If you plan to reach a particular group of people from a specific industry or location with a specific skill or type of role, LinkedIn is a safer bet. Because the information on LinkedIn appears to be more up-to-date. It lets you get more precise and accurate hits with LinkedIn prospecting.

Suppose you are particularly worried about conveying your message to the right audience. In that case, you should know that both can assist you in targeting people on the basis of job title and preferences, income, location, gender, age, most liked or disliked content, etc. Well, Facebook can give you a slight edge by letting you dig deeper on Facebook. How? Facebook can help you target or retarget your marketing campaigns based on the user’s life achievements, personal and social life, behavior, and other personalized information.

After years of research and expertise, it would be safe to say that making LinkedIn your priority for content marketing will be a good pick. LinkedIn can magnify your messages brilliantly through employee advocacy. Although, both provide wonderful audience analytics tools that are made compatible with B2B marketing.

Do you know what the vital part of marketing is? Budget! The cost you will be spending on social media marketing campaigns must be returned with profit, and to make that happen, you must choose a suitable platform. Typically, you get more benefits for your spent money if you prefer Facebook. Because Facebook has millions of people engaged simultaneously, giving more chances to be noticed and get clicked. Besides, users spend more on Facebook than on LinkedIn.

When to Choose Facebook for B2B Marketing

  • Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Thought leadership
  • Targeting local & small businesses

When to use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

  • Lead generation forms and unique ad formats
  • Professional thought leadership
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Brand “Sniping”

Facebook Vs. LinkedIn Marketing Groups

Are you making a group on Facebook for quick communication covering a more significant number of customers? Right choice! Oh, wait, do you plan on making a group on LinkedIn for easy chatting? Right choice! But which one is better for B2B Marketing? The answer depends on the type of business you are into.

Mingling with like-minded people or people in business is a beneficial prospect. Facebook is preferably used for sharing personal opinions, sending feedback, and reviewing. That is why, if you deal in lifestyle, food, politics, traveling, or in a particular niche of sales, Facebook Group is the way to go.

The LinkedIn Groups work perfectly if it has people with a similar work-related mindset. In case of selling professional services or high-priced career services, you should go with LinkedIn groups.

Advantages of Facebook for B2B Marketing

Benefits of LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

  • Improved networking tools
  • Hyper-targeted prospecting
  • Business and marketing–focused content with a similar mindset
  • Widespread social selling prospects
  • Greater number of decision-makers
  • More affluent professional partnerships
  • Strategized for recruiting
  • Potentially reasonably priced ads

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