Artificial Intelligence and Data Center Security

Data centers are vulnerable to many cyber-attacks. Especially now that almost every business can leverage and implement AI data collection and analysis solutions for diverse purposes.

A breach of data can be exceedingly harmful!

Industrial revolution 4.0. has created a data culture that allows businesses to leverage Artificial Intelligence for the enhancement of datacenter security and design business models that make data a substantial asset and key element of all company activities.

Cybercriminals now develop novel approaches to steal data from datacenters. Hackers frequently build complex malware and schedule cyber assaults that can enter the data networks of corporations. Hackers can easily use such software to access the private data of millions of people. For example, a security investigator revealed some major infringements, lately exposing millions of emails and passwords.

Searching and analyzing cyber assaults is quite a labor-demanding task for cyber-security professionals. Hence, let analyze how AI can revolutionize data center security.

How Can AI Enhance Datacenter Security?

Data violations are emerging more frequently in data-driven companies and every firm is rapidly employing cybersecurity specialists to investigate emerging cyber assaults and to develop tactics for preventing and mitigating them.

Businesses that employ Artificial Intelligence in their data center network can enhance their capacity to automate routine network activities, improve security, and identify cyber threats based on changes in behavior.

You can easily identify loopholes in your system and make significant improvements to your datacenter security management:

  1. You can automatically evaluate events and inputs from many systems and supplement security incidents and Event Management solutions. For example, a human cannot efficiently monitor events when over 20,000 occurrences get registered at once.
  2. Artificial Intelligence-based technologies can aid the identification of false positives’ harmful traffic and enable data center operators to address cybersecurity risks quickly and efficiently.
  3. You can also automate how you gather and analyze business information, scan code and vulnerabilities in infrastructure, and configuration mistakes. You can easily optimize the usage of security tools and learn from experience to adapt better.
  4. Artificial Intelligence recognizes drifting compliance in the data center and then adjusts and writes a new firewall rule for reverse control.
  5. If anything is moving from one data center to another, or from the same data center, artificial intelligence can write and rewrite firewall rules. In addition, input and outgoing data can get screened carefully and evaluated for security dangers.
  6. AI helps automate the security and maintenance of data centers in the future. If a security assault occurs today, server security employees must get secured manually. In addition, many maintenance jobs are still manual, such as getting rid of defective servers or storage devices. When robotics get added to the mix, data centers may be autonomous and human-free.
  7. The latest technology allows you to instruct robots to carry out delegated maintenance duties in the future. This means better service quality (QoS) at reduced operating costs.
  8. Artificial Intelligence service providers uphold strong financial incentives. With more AI-based security solutions, data centers can benefit from reduced operating costs and higher efficiency. It is a win-win for AI and data center suppliers both.

Google’s achievement in reducing its data center expenses by using deep learning has encouraged many entrepreneurs to leverage AI and improve their data center operations with quick identification of abnormalities.

Over four years, QTS created its software-driven Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and artifact engine for digitizing, aggregating, and analyzing over 4 billion (per day) data points across IT environments for all QTS clients. QTS is the first and only multi-tenant data center operator with a powerful Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Reality based software-defined management platform.

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