Deloitte vs Cognizant: Consulting and Services Comparison 2022


Deloitte vs Cognizant

Deloitte tech solutions is a multinational service network company that provides services to individuals and organizations. It has offices in over 150 countries around the world. William Welch Deloitte formed this firm in 1845 in London. With time, it spread in different countries around the world. The people of Deloitte work across the business and industry sector that defines today’s marketplace.

EES’s cloud computing consulting services have the aim of helping companies to migrate apps and sensitive databases to secure and scalable cloud infrastructure and accomplish maximum cost-effectiveness.

Cognizant is an American-based globally known technology company that provides services relating to business consulting, digitalization, security, cloud-enabling, and outsourced sourcing.

Services provided by Deloitte

It provides services like consulting, audit and assurance, risk and financial advisory, tax and legal services globally. Most of the services are mentioned below:

Audit and Assurance

There’s a lot more to auditing than just numbers. It’s about recognizing triumphs and challenges while also assisting in establishing solid foundations for future goals. Deloitte clarifies the what, how, and why of change so you may always be prepared to act.

Resource Evaluation & Advisory

The Resource Evaluation & Advisory practice of Deloitte has the experience and knowledge of the global energy industry to help the customers strategically grow their businesses through mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions at all stages of the business cycle.


There are numerous approaches to achieving innovation, transformation, and leadership. It’s crucial to be able to address complex problems. From strategy formulation through execution, Deloittes can work together to help you design, deliver, and run your business, wherever you compete, using cutting-edge technologies like Cloud and cognitive.

Risk Advisory

In this speedy world of technology, things can change overnight. In this technological world, Deloitte tells you how one can survive and helps in dealing the uncertainties. It helps in growing and sustaining your business.

Financial Advisory

Deloitte’s Financial Advisory services help to build solutions in acquisitions, disputes, investigations, and restructuring.

Legal Services

Legal services Deloitte  involves different matters like legal Advisory service, legal management consulting, and legal managed services


Deloitte helps you to know how tax function operates and what tax strategies are. It allows you to connect with expertise, technology, and noble ideas to make your business more agile.

Services Provided by Cognizant

Application Mordernaization

application modernization services at Cognizant assist you in achieving agility in an increasingly digital environment. To upgrade essential business applications, combine accelerators, platforms, and strategic partners. As a consequence, you’ll have a business that’s ready for whatever the new regular throws at you.

Artificial Intelligence

In this modern world, there are different challenges in the field of business. To deal with these challenges of different shapes and sizes, a diverse set of skills is required. Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence has organized around three unique capabilities that will let you explain, anticipate and respond throughout the business.


In the modern world, everyone is familiar with cloud services and needs to use these services.  Cognizant helps in adopting the cloud platform and maintaining it. The Cloud enables you to mobilize your business, and it also increases the speed and control over the organization. While using Cloud, you can quickly deploy new applications.

Cognizant Infrastructure Services

With infrastructure services that are changing the face of businesses, Cognizant is assisting you in preparing for the digital era. By delivering services through a business-aligned catalog model, we can help your company realize the full potential of automation and a software-defined data center (SDDC).

Cognizant Security

Cognizant provides security services in this era of the internet, where our data is shifting over the Cloud. It helps to remove security blind spots and accelerate your organization. Cognizant provides full security solutions for your organizations and also solves upcoming threats as well.

To avoid transformation risks as you create for the future, you’ll need a strong understanding of modern technologies, applications, infrastructure, security, operations, industrial domains, and human-centric design. Furthermore, we imagine and execute beautiful and straightforward solutions, transforming and streamlining applications and infrastructure at speed and scale—all to assist you in delivering on the promise of digital for all.

Core Modernization

Cognizant has a deep understanding of the latest technologies, security, applications, infrastructure, and operations. Utilizing this knowledge helps in reducing the risks for the future. This company also provides solutions, applications, and infrastructure for your organization.

Digital Engineering and Experience

Through its digital engineering and experience, Cognizant provides design, engineering, and delivery to companies that support digital-first business models. For long-term innovation, it provides the most comprehensive digital engineering knowledge and client-centric methodology.

Enterprise Application Service

Cognizant Enterprise Application Service assists clients across sectors to reinvent their digital customer experience, recruit and maintain a world-class workforce, productively engage their partner ecosystems, and govern their operations and finance organizations.

Deloitte and Cognizant both provide solutions to the companies. The former one targets the small business, while the lateral one is more popular in the mid-market. If we talk about responsiveness, Cognizant is more responsive as compared to Deloitte.

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