Capgemini vs Deloitte: Which is best for cloud services?


Deloitte is one of the largest and most prominent services worldwide. However, Capgemini offers impressive project management, meeting presence, updates, and implementation. Also, they are easy on customer pockets. This article will highlight and compare Capgemini vs Deloitte cloud services in detail.

Capgemini vs Deloitte – Cloud Services

The Cloud is laying the foundation for businesses to become digitally agile.


Capgemini Cloud helps businesses harness innovation to open new collaboration and value chain optimization avenues. It is revolutionizing how we work and live by giving people the capacity to do more with less—accelerating human novelty.


Deloitte propels business transformation using innovative applications in the Cloud. Its services combine integrated business technology, a people-first approach, and business acumen to discover and activate potential. It also offers a full spectrum of capabilities that help businesses implement a compelling Cloud journey.

Benefits of Cloud Services

capgemini vs deloitte

Modernized Datacenter

  • Enhanced agility and quality at reduced costs.
  • Public Cloud Application Migration.
  • On-Premise Automation via Private Cloud.

Modernized Applications

  • Enhance performance, scalability, and productivity.
  • SaaS or managed ISV Public Cloud applications.
  • Custom Cloud Applications.

Business Agility

  • Reduced time to market.
  • Identify new business opportunities.
  • Build Cloud-native applications for new services.
  • Cloud Application Integrations.
  • Real-time APIs development and deployment.

Capgemini vs Deloitte Cloud Offerings


Capgemini helps businesses develop a business-case-based Cloud roadmap by providing different services, which include:

Cloud Strategy

Cloud adoption gets limited by people not having a comprehensive business transformation plan and failing to identify risks. Capgemini offers cloud strategy sessions that fuel digital transformation using:

  • Cloud Business Vision: Aligns business objectives with cloud strategies to create targets and goals.
  • Cloud Value: Highlight the costs and benefits of your Cloud journey.
  • Cloud Roadmap: Scour through different options and activities and plot your Cloud journey.
  • Cloud Transformation Plan: Underline business skills and changes required to harness the Cloud’s full potential.

Cloud Applications

Capgemini offers Cloud application services that help businesses transform agility, efficiency, and performance, including:

Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS

A cloud-agnostic platform assisting businesses in enhancing the delivery of APIs and other services. Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS helps clients by providing:

  • Flexible pricing
  • Open-source products
  • Dedicated Data Isolation Instances

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Accelerate your Cloud journey by choosing, deploying, and integrating the right Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Capgemini provides SaaS solutions and business integrations using pre-built accelerators. It enables users to access software from top vendors, including Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, SAP, Netsuite, Oracle, and Workday.

Cloud-Native Applications (PaaS)

Build cloud-native applications and increase business agility. Capgemini offers a good deal of enhancement services, and you can deploy enhancements continually to improve services.

Migrating Workloads to the Cloud

Capgemini offers robust methods for migrating workloads to the Cloud. Their services include aligning your cloud architecture and migration pattern with your business goals:

Cloud Architecture

Define your business case and establish the architecture and operating model needed to succeed.

Migration Execution

Manage factory model migration.

AWS Cloud Migration for SAP

Capgemini offers its Cloud Choice with AWS end-to-end portfolio that helps businesses leverage SAP on the AWS Cloud for enhanced efficiency and automation.

  • Workloads Assessment: Transforms businesses’ agility and application portfolio using a Cloud-first approach to reduce cost. It provides a systematic, cloud-agnostic assessment of applications and helps clients make informed decisions:
  • Business case: Illustrating the business value of Cloud design.
  • Cloud Suitability: Evaluating applications for migration by checking value and sensitivity
  • Proof of Concept Planning: Underlining a migration roadmap
  • Cloud options: Choosing the suitable Cloud service model and assessing how applications perform in a cloud environment.
  • Capgemini Cloud Platform: Businesses leverage the right technology and processes to harness the total efficiency and agility of the Cloud. Capgemini provides a portfolio of cloud services and business enhancers using its cloud management platform.


Deloitte engineers business transformation by providing services that help organizations manifest their unique cloud advantage:

Cloud Strategy

Cloud transformation approaches are pretty complex, and there’s no one-size-fits-all. Deloitte customizes solutions to meet the industry demands of different businesses by assessing how a practical roadmap can get created to maximize cloud potential.

Application Modernization & Migration

Businesses can reimagine their architecture and IT functions with high efficiency.

  • Cloud Modernization
  • Cloud Migration

Cloud Analytics & AI

Deloitte cloud services allow businesses to harness advanced analytics, make insight-driven decisions, understand modern business operations, and increase value.

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Business Transformation

Deloitte Cloud services allow businesses to create sustainable value by systematically identifying meaningful opportunities and capitalizing.

  • Self-funded Transformation
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Business Change Management

Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering

Businesses can modernize infrastructure by harnessing next-generation technology to enhance:

  • Security Design
  • Data Center Modernization
  • Network Transformation & 5G/Edge Capabilities

Cloud-Native Development

Deloitte cloud speeds up the deployment of cloud applications. It creates cloud-native solutions that are easy to build and deploy.

  • Modern App Development
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Integration

Cloud Operate

Deloitte’s operations and management support provide businesses with a flexible, scalable cloud solution that speeds up business development.

  • Cloud Managed Services
  • FinOps as a Service and Observability
  • Application Managed Services

Cloud Workforce & Operating Model

Businesses can transform their Cloud operating model and workforce. Including:

  • Cloud Processes & Tools
  • AIOps
  • Smart Workforce with the Deloitte Cloud Institute
  • Organizational Readiness

Cyber & Strategic Risk

Become more innovative and resilient against persistent cyber-attacks.

  • Control and Compliance Management
  • Digital Identity
  • Infrastructure and Application Security Management
  • Detection and Response Management

ERP & SaaS

Businesses can deploy comprehensive next-generation ERP & SaaS services, scalable from anywhere.

  • SAP on Cloud
  • Cloud SaaS Solutions
  • Oracle on Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Businesses can maximize agility by integrating cloud infrastructure and apps to build a hybrid cloud ecosystem:

  • Planning, Strategy, and Deployment
  • Edge Computing
  • Application Modernization and Migration

Capgemini vs Deloitte Takeaway

Capgemini has a neutral social sentiment when analyzing social media channels and online mentions. So does Deloitte. Deloitte aims to tackle the core business issues of today and the future. Capgemini has in-house tools, which help analyze the data and find key insights.

The solutions are advanced and can handle errors smoothly. It allows businesses to start and expand their insurance wings to expand market capitalization.

Deloitte provides the ability to conduct real-time scenario planning and modeling. The Cloud platform can ingest a range of datasets and produce clear outputs. The team also offers knowledgeable data scientists to help you interpret the data.

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