Temporary vs Permanent IT Staffing: Pros & Cons


Whether you have a small-scale or large-scale business, everyone must have the necessary knowledge of hiring, or you will fail at business and expand your team by employing talented and skilled employees. Before deciding whether you should hire a permanent, freelance, temporary, or contract worker, let’s see what the best option for your business can be, considering the marketing goals and staffing budget.

Temporary vs. Permanent Staffing and Their Differences

Also called freelance and contract work, temporary employment is a kind of employment that can never be a good pick for individuals who seek stability. It would not be wrong to say that permanent hiring is a long-term investment as it considers either full-time or part-time employees that will be helping you strengthen your company’s foundation turning into a big success. Hiring temporary workers although offers maximum flexibility and minimal cost, hiring permanent employees has its perks.

Permanent hiring might require higher costs and comprehensive paperwork, making it a bit of a challenging task from a legal point of view. The major highlight of hiring permanent workers is the employee’s motivation and loyalty to the company. He will be promising to stay in tough times. He will be promising to work harder to make the brand stronger. He will be promising to understand your company’s functioning, reputation, culture, objectives, norms, and values. BUT…the motivation of a seasonal or contractor worker will be low, and their commitment will be temporary.

If you are offered permanent employment, you can expect to improve your talents, develop new skills, and grow professionally as long as the business grows. In short, putting in your time and effort will be rewarding. You might get promoted. On the contrary, a temporary employee will work with their will or resign when you cannot expect it.

For short-term projects, there is no better option than hiring temporary employees as it is a cost-effective approach, and time-saving. For making a loyal workforce, always hire a permanent employee. We recommend building a mix of temporary, permanent and contract employees. With the increasing trend, businesses are more inclined towards offering temporary employment with a flexible work schedule and self-sufficiency.

Temporary Employment Benefits

  • Temporary candidates will offer their unique skills and knowledge to support your company in accomplishing short-term goals or fulfilling short-living business needs.
  • Temporary employment will give the candidate an excellent opportunity to make long-lasting partnerships and relationships with the company to help in future staffing opportunities.
  • It gives the company a chance to test the employee’s capabilities, skillset, and working potential to complete tasks under certain circumstances and various roles and responsibilities. It will help you decide about hiring them for a long-term commitment as you will already know if the candidate is a good fit for a company or not.
  • Hiring temporary employees for specific tasks is a cost-effective tactic to let the business flow without wasting the fortune.
  • They can be a good substitute for an employee who has abruptly left the organization or is on leave.

Temporary Employee Drawbacks

  • The time required to train the temporary staff members to bring them on board is absolutely time-consuming, expensive, and laborious.
  • As the temporary employees come with a date set for the terminal or completion, what if the employment period ends during a busy time when you are in the need of extra assistance. It will turn out pretty pathetic!
  • On finding a good opportunity with a higher salary, the employee can leave the company hanging you out dry.
  • Being a temporary employee, you probably won’t receive any additional benefits, including health, vacations, paid holidays, etc.
  • Freelance temporary employees tend to work with multiple companies, so their time, focus, motivation, and energy will be divided.
  • Managing the increased number of temporary staff hired for several projects can get tricky and burdensome.

Permanent Employee Benefits

  • The permanent employee is offered more financial security compared to temporary employment.
  • It will be a great chance to enhance their professional performance and skills as they will have a higher motivation level to advance in the company.
  • Better job stability is offered to Permanent employees.
  • They tend to receive extra benefits, such as health insurance, paid vacation, etc.
  • Can have long-term alliances with colleagues in a team-oriented atmosphere, playing a part in the company’s success.

Permanent Employee Drawbacks

  • What if you come to know they are not a good fit after hiring a permanent employee? All of your time, money, and resources will be vain that you have spent on interviewing.
  • The business needs change over time very frequently, and most of the time, the employee’s skill set may no longer suit your goals.
  • Extra costs are spent on their additional benefits and on-board training.
  • Extensive paperwork is required for hiring and firing.

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