Google Cloud Vs IBM Cloud Computing Services – A Comprehensive comparison in 2022


Choosing a cloud computing services provider can be quite daunting. Especially if you’re on the verge to expand your business and seeking to work with minimal infrastructure. This article gives a brief but in-depth comparison of two leading cloud services providers: Google Cloud vs IBM Cloud.

Google Cloud Computing Services

The Google Cloud offers various services, including IaaS, and PaaS for businesses to run smoothly, efficiently, and with more productivity. It provides a secure IT infrastructure, and a variety of tools including App Engine, Container Engine, Google Storage, and Big Query, data analytics.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides scalable and reliable computing services which help you as a client to compute, store, and secure data. It enables global access to data and virtual IT infrastructure.

IBM Cloud Computing Services

IBM Cloud is a web-based online service provided by the tech giant IBM, and It offers a variety of services such as Infrastructure as a service, Software as a service, virtual servers, and it enables both public and private networks.

You can easily manage IBM Cloud services via a web portal, or API (Application Programming Interface).

The IBM Cloud offers lots of services, including Compute Infrastructure, Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Storage capability, Compute Services, and various Application services.

Features of Google Cloud and IBM Cloud

  • Hosting Reporting/Analytics
  • Big Data Audit Management
  • Containers Real-Time Monitoring
  • Load Balancing Activity Tracking
  • Cloud Debugger Reporting & Statistics
  • Cloud Trace Third-Party Integrations
  • Easy and Fast Provisioning Backup
  • Cloud Save Encryption
  • Security and Compliance Data Synchronization

Pros and Cons of Google Cloud Vs IBM Cloud

Pros of Google Cloud

  • Higher Productivity: Google Cloud offers various virtual services that will increase your business productivity.
  • Control and Flexibility Available to Users: Google Cloud has control over technology and it provides flexibility to the users to perform many tasks.
  • Security: Google cloud provides the perfect security model, and it’s suitable for all Google products like Gmail, YouTube, etc.
  • Encryption: The data on the Google Cloud Platform services gets encrypted. So your data is secure.

Cons of Google Cloud

  • Minor components, difficult to start
  • Out of Free Tier, everything else has costs.
  • Lacks features compared to AWS.
  • The Google Cloud Platform’s web interface is a little distracting and confusing.

Pros of IBM Cloud

  • It is easy to purchase and easily integrate. You can effortlessly manage the connection between partners and customers.
  • IBM Cloud offers data storage and you can access it from different platforms and locations
  • IBM Cloud provides the elastic resources, meaning you pay only for use

Cons of IBM Cloud

  • It has some lack of security.
  • Dependence on networks/providers.
  • If you are looking for a quick solution, then IBM cloud is not the right option for you because the configuration of servers is time-consuming.


Both Google Cloud and IBM Cloud platforms offer the best virtual cloud services for your business to increase productivity. You do not need to think about security because all the data gets encrypted by the cloud service providers.
Whether you’re looking to expand your business or just an individual who wants to start a business with minimal investment, cloud computing services are the best option for you.

Feel Free to share your experiences and insights regarding cloud services providers in the comments section.

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