US Cybersecurity Statistics You Should Know In 2022


No doubt, cybersecurity is one of the biggest trends and all-time evolving departments. Being a concern of every business, small or large, one can face the problems of cybercriminals. In the past years, multiple cybersecurity advancements have been made for better practicality. Whereas, the number of sophisticated tactics has been increased that continue disrupting organizations.

Let’s dive into some significant trends, facts, and figures along with classic US cybersecurity statistics!

2022 Cyber Security statistics – Surprising Facts and Figures

  • Last year, about 99% of the cyberattack vectors were identified as cybersecurity professionals
  • As per 2022 stats, more than 20% of attacks were projected to include IoT on enterprises
  • You would be amazed to know how over 38 million new and more strengthened malware were launched by the end of April 2022, as per US cybersecurity statistics
  • In 2022, 86% of the data breaches were monetarily motivated
  • In total, about 22 security breaches were experienced by global companies by the end of 2022.
  • In 2022, only 57% of the US companies had carried out a data security risk assessment.
  • Surprisingly, data breach worth more than $150 million was observed
  • The UK has faced the biggest cybersecurity threats. About 86% of the successful UK companies has faced a phishing attack
  • Solely in the 1st half of 2022, data breaches left 36 billion records unprotected, as explained by US cybersecurity statistics

US CyberSecurity Statistics Predicting Future

  • Among all cyberattacks, 75% of the consumers estimated the frequency of attacks asking for money or targeting essential, private data to increase in 2022.
  • The total sum of passwords will keep on growing to 300 billion in the coming years worldwide.
  • Talking about the Cybersecurity professionals, 76% of the members are getting more disturbed about social engineering attacks as a serious consequence of the pandemic.
  • Among all cybersecurity breaches, 95% are usually instigated by human error.
  • The international information security market size and worth are likely to cross $170.4 billion by the end of 2022
  • With the increasing trend, 68% of business leaders are inclined to believe that their cybersecurity is at increased risk.
  • Currently, 58% of the businesses have 1,000 plus inactive user accounts
  • The price you need to pay for staying ahead of cyber-attackers is considered unsustainable by 69% of businesses.
  • The peak malicious email attachment formats include .doc and .dot, making about 37%, and the next maximum damaging format is .exe, making 19.5%.
  • Once the company has faced a cyberattack, its repute is decreased. That is why over 59% of the users/buyers prefer to avoid opting for companies that have suffered a cyberattack in their past years of service.

Cyber Security and Small Business

  • The small businesses make 28% of the total Cybersecurity Breaches
  • As the BillGuard survey depicts, a greater percentage of small businessmen are taking care of their cybersecurity in-house (65%), and only 10% or less have hired a skilled and competent IT team
  • For all small-scale companies, regardless of the niche, has phishing is the top threat
  • As of 2022, 43% of small-scale business owners tend to implement no effective cybersecurity defense plan
  • The data breaches linked with nation-state or state-affiliated actors are 70% based on phishing
  • If we estimate, every worker is provided access to almost 11 million files, but unfortunately, only 5% of all companies’ folders are appropriately protected
  • 43% of overall cyberattacks target only small businesses.

Cyber Security Crime Statistics

  • As the US cybersecurity statists state, cybercrime is predictable to impose an overall sum of $6 trillion USD in data damages by the end of 2022. It will potentially increase to $10.5 trillion USD yearly by 2025.
  • About 4.72 million frauds and Identity Theft reports were made
  • People don’t know how to face cybersecurity issues. The 7.56% of the native Americans are not familiar with the precautionary steps or counter actions in the event of a big data breach
  • On average, the cost of a malware attack for a single company worth $2.4 million
  • Considering the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Report, 23% of the total attacks are known to be based on ransomware
  • Within every 14 seconds, a company gets trapped by a ransomware attack
  • The globe is facing more than 100,000 malevolent websites and over 10,000 malicious files on a daily basis
  • As the 2022 State of Phish Annual Report shows: 65% of US Organizations were trapped by the phishing attack that made them lose tons of revenue
  • Google has listed more than 2 million phishing sites in 2022
  • Back in 2019, about 93.6% of experienced malware was polymorphic
  • The CyberSecurity cost is likely to surpass $1 trillion, worldwide

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