Apprenticeships have a wide variety of benefits and oftentimes this advantageous path of higher learning is overlooked in the process of deciding what to do when finishing school. In the following article we will take a look at some of the most important advantages you can enjoy from taking on an apprenticeship and some of the rewards they will provide in the short-and long-term.  So without further ado let’s look at the reasons – Why start an apprenticeship?


  1. Earn while you learn


Enjoying your social life and also having enough money for the things you need is a great thing. An apprenticeship. While apprenticeships will always begin at a very basic pay bracket, there is always the opportunity to increase your pay within a year of practice. 90% of the apprentices will be retained by their employers upon completion of the apprenticeship. Nearly 25% of all apprentices will be promoted within a year of completing their apprenticeships.


  1. Receive recognized qualifications


Each level of apprenticeship will last a year and provide you a qualification of study and experience upon completion. After the second year, an apprentice will receive a Level 2 grade which is equivalent to a 5 GCSE pass. This continues all the way up to level 6, which is degree level and level 7 which is equivalent to a Master’s Degree.


  1. Gain independence and respect


Working within a company provides you with an improved work ethic as you see that every member is accountable for their actions. This will give you a firsthand insight on how to operate in a professional environment and conduct yourself autonomously. This will gain you a level of respect for your fellow workers, your employers and give you the confidence that you need to properly perform your roles.


  1. Benefit from ongoing training and personalized support


When you work as an apprentice, you will be assigned an assessor, this is the person that is responsible for your training, responsibilities, and guidance throughout your training. They will be there to answer your questions, clear up your doubts, provide assistance as needed, and generally be on hand whenever you need them.


  1. Gain real work experience


Working is completely different from sitting behind a desk and accumulating theoretical information on a study. It is a way of introducing you into a work environment and providing you the help and guidance of those around to make sure you integrate well. You will have colleagues and personalized instruction to show you the ropes and demonstrate all aspects of company culture.


  1. Improve your employability


Not only does an apprenticeship provide you with a good opportunity to learn and gather experience in your chosen field but it also paves the way for you to advance further down the line. Companies and potential employers see that you are already able to integrate yourself into the work environment and propel the business forward, even while maintaining your studies and education. Hardwork and dedication are important qualities to an employer and they will value this aspect of your work ethic.


  1. Receive discounts


As an apprentice, you are still technically classified as a student and this means you will still qualify for the NUS student discount card. This allows you to enjoy special prices from restaurants, clothing stores, insurance providers, gym memberships and much more. Find out more information on obtaining your NUS card here.


  1. Develop your skills


When you begin your apprenticeships, you may find that you do not have all the grades needed to move on to the next level in your required field. Nevertheless, you will find that there is plenty of supplemental courses and training programs that you can take along the way.


  1. Discover your earning potential


You will find that apprenticeships increase the earning capacity of professionals. Those who have begun their career in an apprenticeship can earn as much as £117,000 more than those that don’t.