Capgemini vs Infosys: Cloud and IT Services and Consulting Comparison

Before we start the debate on Capgemini vs Infosys, you must know what they are, how they function, and what exactly their purposes are. So, let’s start!

What is Capgemini?

With its powerful 50-year establishment and industry expertise, Capgemini offers Cloud, Information Technology, Outsourcing, and Consulting services. This brand ranks number 523 on the list of Best Global Brands, a list of recognized brands carefully rated by customers. Also, it ranks 165 among its major competitors in the IT industry.

It is a worldwide leader in IT and helps companies across different industries upgrade and manage their business leveraging technology. The group uses technology to unleash human energy and build an inclusive and sustainable future. Clients trust Capgemini to sort all their business needs, including strategy, operations, and design. Thanks to the rapidly growing and innovative world of cloud, AI, data, digital engineering, and software.

Overall, Capgemini has a neutral social sentiment when analyzing social media channels and online mentions. And it is a responsible and diverse organization with over 300,000 team members spread across 50 countries. Thanks to the rapidly growing and innovative world of cloud, AI, data, digital engineering, and software.

What is Infosys?

With over 40 years of establishment in managing systems and digital transformations of global enterprises, Infosys is a worldwide leader in providing consulting, technology, outsourcing, and next-generation digital services. The brand ranks at number 501 in the list of Best Global Brands. Customers carefully rated it from a list of top global brands. Although, it ranks number 154, compared to other companies in the tech industry.

Also, it has a neutral social sentiment when analyzing online mentions and social media channels. Infosys expertly guides clients through their digital journey by helping them implement an AI-powered core to help drive seamless execution of change. It empowers organizations using agile digital scales to deliver refined performance and boost customer satisfaction.

Infosys has a continuous-learning practice that drives perpetual improvement by building, growing, and transferring digital expertise and ideas from its large innovation ecosystem.

Capgemini vs Infosys NPS Score


The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that helps to measure customer relationship satisfaction. A widely adopted key metric substantially links a business product or service to the revenue opportunity. The NPS gets determined by customer responses to a question that asks them to rate how eager they are to recommend the product/service to a friend, “On a scale, of 0 to 10. They can also actively recommend that people stay away from using your product or service.

Capgemini has a Net Promoter Score of 23. It results from having 56% Promoters, 33% Detractors, and11% Passives.

Infosys has a Net Promoter Score of -3 with 41% Promoters, 44% Detractors, and 15% Passives.

Pricing Plans


Users who rank the monetary value and the highest ROI are primarily from the tech industry. Also, not all the products or services provided will fit all the needs of a particular user or industry. Therefore, customers from the Banking and Financial Services industry typically report the lowest ROI from Capgemini. Hence, pricing plans may be relative depending on your industry service needs.


The customers that rate their value for money and the highest ROI are primarily from the accounting industry. And in this case, clients from the Tech industry typically think that they get the lowest ROI. As we said, pricing plans may be subject to change depending on your industrial demands.

Capgemini vs Infosys Pros and Cons

Advantages of Capgemini

  • Capgemini is a partner that takes time to understand customers’ business dynamics and highly respects their perspectives while pushing towards best practices.
  • Monetization is not their principal goal but to invest in relationships and clients’ success.
  • Robust technical expertise.
  • A mix of onshore and offshore professionals.

Advantages of Infosys

  • Business Pace, flexibility, insight
  • Shared responsibility as they have a powerful ability to collaborate across multiple teams in an ecosystem.
  • Infosys is open to feedback.
  • Persistent with partner relationships, support, and ownership.
  • Experience in the B2B domain and technology leadership.

Disadvantages of Capgemini

  • When talking to senior executives, the team may require extra “hand-holding” to nail down your specific needs
  • Pricing is not always very competitive
  • Planning knowledge transfer in case of team-member replacements is not always smooth
  • It lacks a little executive communication

Disadvantages of Infosys

  • Resources ramp up when the need for more programs arises
  • Handovers require extra planning
  • You may need extra help to comprehend documentation
  • Infosys contracting is a little complicated

You are welcome to enjoy top-class asset, business, records, and customer relationship management with EES for optimizing network and data communication workflows. Our well-structured IT Management Services not only supervise your IT infrastructure but also help you use technology for better strategizing, Verification, and Validation to achieve innovation.

10 Must-Know Features of a Great Mobile Application

Today’s world is running on mobile applications. There is not a thing for which you won’t find an application. Whether you want to communicate with your loved ones or join a business meeting online, shop while staying at home or book a ride for your destination, entertain yourself through games or run a business for brand building, you will get an application for all of these.

Developers out there are using creativity to develop applications that users could effectively use and get productive outcomes. But certain features make a great application and this read is all about such features. Just roll down to know those features to develop an application that is loved by everyone!

Stick With Simplicity

Many people out there are unable to retain their attention for a longer time. This is the reason your application should be simple enough to allow the user to navigate it with ease and not lose their attention understanding how to use it. If not taken care of, you might lose your valuable customer. If your customers find it easy to access and collect the information, they are most likely to make a purchase through your app. Therefore, stick with a simple interface to enhance the user’s experience.

Good Resolution Matters!

As you make the user experience serene through the simplicity of the app structure, focus on getting good resolution images to ensure your customers have a worthwhile experience. Users today expect a high-definition image with a range of multi-colors. You should not restrict your app in this regard to limit your sales.

Develop With Fast Loading Speeds

This feature is quite vital as it ensures that the users will not be struck by boredom. Of course, no one likes waiting, instead, it is a frustrating element for the customer that may result in leaving your app and ultimately losing your customer. The fast-loading speeds also refer to the use of appropriate graphics and preventing large tables. Everything should be quick and simple.

Keep it Flexible

Android and iPhone app developers work on various mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and windows. To get the best outcome through your app, make it flexible on these platforms. You need to test the apps on these systems to ensure that the size screens and the resolutions are a perfect fit.

 Add Search Options

You may think of it as a minor feature but actually it matters a lot. Many users make use of this feature and therefore it is necessary that you add it to your application. For social variety and business, it is quite an essential feature for an application.

You Couldn’t Compromise on Security

You must be aware of how internet security has always been an issue for the user. The same goes for the application. As your application will store sensitive information such as personal details, and credit or debit card details, it is a must you don’t compromise on the security of the app. Stealing customer data, screen lock passcodes, and getting private business assets are some of the reasons you should be tight on your app security.

Make it Eye-Catching

Of course, a captivating and appealing app does attract the customer. Eye-catching color schemes should be used in the design to throw a stylish yet professional look. You may use the color wheel to know the complementary colors.

Integrate Push Notifications

Push notification is a great feature letting the customer see content that they may find interesting. It is much better than a mail that may end up in the spam folder. Also, it is easier to send by comparing it to emails. The push notifications may be any graphic, text, or both. Relevant and personalized messages regarding any latest deals or discounts will attract the customer to make a purchase.

Sound Effects

Another feature that app developers need to consider is sound effects, especially mobile app developers. Whether you are developing a game for iOS or android, game lovers find this feature most exciting. A game without sounds is quite boring and uninteresting. So, try to create games with interesting sound effects that engage readers. Remember games with the right sound effects engage players and make their mood enthusiastic.

Integrate Social Media

Integrating social media in your app help users invite their friends to use your app, talk about its uniqueness, & share their perspective with others. Therefore, app owners take advantage of integrating social media in their apps, the more users use their app, share about their stuff will result in high traffic.

A Final Takeaway

As you read the features of a great app, make sure that your application carries these features to make it an excellent experience for the user. Focusing on the core features will allow you to satisfy your customers and retain them. Mobile App Development that is not productive in its functionality will not bring you fruitful outcomes.

Guide On How to Hire Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers work on developing self-driving devices and apps that mimic human behaviors. Robotics development careers can include operating systems jobs, with many digital and actual robotic arms workplaces. By creating prototypes, constructing and certifying bots, and supporting the system that controls him, a robotics designer makes tasks safer, simpler, and more productive.

Understand how to hire a robotics engineer by exploring the materials below, including advice on finding the relevant talents, developing a position description, and looking for work.

Hiring Process and Competitive Package

Outdated or ineffective recruiting methods can be a huge stumbling block for your business. Long recruiting cycles not just decelerate the hunt for top talent, but they also completely stop the teams that are waiting for individuals to follow in their footsteps. However, when it comes to recruiting young employees, you shouldn’t want anybody at all — you want to have the best person available.

Our IT staffing services give you the flexibility to grow your business quickly by hiring the right candidate with the needed talent and skills. EES will provide you with the customizable, scalable approach to finding an individual best fitting your organization and job description whenever you need to hire IT talent.

Automation and control software developers are extremely well educated, highly specialized, and highly desirable designations and demand solid hiring practices, where digitization and performance are top of mind for practically every industry.

So, in order to attract the type of robotics engineer you want to recruit, you must be willing to provide an intriguing wage offer. It’s not like every automated or robotics specialist is a lock for the position you’re trying to fill. Obviously, the best individuals must have expertise in automating various processes or creating robots for applications — but how are your industry’s exact requirements for these responsibilities?

Speak with the potential employer and other scientists on your team to acquire a clear picture of whatever this position includes and what sort of experience an applicant would also need to start contributing to your team right away. Decide on those robotics engineers immediately to include them in your position description and set the appropriate qualifications straight away.

Hiring Agencies

Automation and robotics designers are extremely popular across the country. With highly skilled workers throughout all disciplines accounting for fewer than 2% of the total U.S. workforce, finding these professionals will only get more challenging. Not only will they be difficult to locate, but they will also be difficult to exchange, making it important that you select the proper hire at the very first moment.

You may have previously advertised available positions on job sites or are attempting to use network recommendations from your technical staff. Consider engaging with a competent hiring agency to broaden your activities and broaden your reach for robotics engineers.

The Eye-Catching Job Description

Guide On How to Hire Robotics Engineer info

Indeed, sets of responsibilities are value-based. You have an opening; candidates need occupations. In any case, that doesn’t mean they need to peruse like bills of the offer. Truth be told, the exact inverse. The best sets of expectations get the important data across — like wanted abilities and occupation obligations — without taking care of peruses.

So to interest possible candidates for robotics engineers, avoid mechanical, difficulty to identify with composing, and on second thought utilize drawing in language and an agreeable tone. And keeping in mind that you’re busy, center around the human parts of the work. All things considered, you’re hoping to enlist the individual structure of the robot, not simply the robot.

For instance, plenty of candidates will need to realize whether they’ll have the opportunity to lead their exploration and tests (which is most likely what got them into the field in any case). Others will puzzle over whether they’ll get an opportunity to oversee individuals by progressing through the organization to a more senior-level position. Hit these focuses in your promotion to give robotics engineers something to identify with on an individual and optimistic level.

Reasons for Hiring a Robotics Engineer

  1. Plan mechanical interaction mechanization (RPA) arrangements as per standard plan standards and shows (Robotic Operating Model)
  2. Design new RPA processes utilizing effective, all around organized, and viable work process standards
  3. Make RPA arrangement plan documentation lining up with business prerequisites and partners.
  4.  Backing existing cycles and executing change prerequisites as a component of an organized change control process
  5. Work inside project arranging courses of events and requirements, conveying recognized dangers and issues to the executives appropriately.

How Does IoT Impact Our Lives In Smart Homes And Cities?

To understand how IoT (internet of things) affects our lives in our smart homes, the cities we live in, and our lives. We need to grasp our knowledge of what IoT is. The internet of things explains the cluster of physical objects comprising sensors, software, and other technological devices to interlink and exchange data with other devices and systems. The internet of things also refers to the skyrocketing number of digital devices. These devices share data by communicating through the internet all over the world. You can control these devices remotely through a user interface or even your smartphones. In fact next-generation technologies like IoT, AI are transforming our homes and living.

Technology Advancing

Because of technological advancements in our digital society, embedded systems, user-interactive software, control systems, wireless sensor systems, and more enable the internet of things. The consumer market relates IoT technology to the concept of smart homes, which includes devices such as home security systems, thermostats, lighting, and cameras. All these devices include Bluetooth. They can use the internet to share data and store data in a database to support an ecosystem.

Because it enables the data to be shared, users can control devices via devices linked to the ecosystem, such as smartphones.

To What Extent Does It Affect Our Lives?

IoT has changed the way we carry out simple tasks, and it has made our lives convenient since we can control devices around us by the touch of a screen on our smartphones. Before IoT, people would physically get up to do things around the house, such as turn on the water heater or turn the lights on.

IoT also includes mobile devices; since they can communicate with others and manage data, it is a device everywhere. Everyone carries a smartphone all day. You can control objects using a mobile device.

Today, you can get brilliant smart refrigerators with work-in cameras, so you can look at their substance while you are shopping. In the future, you will see fridges that detect you are coming up short on supplies and send an essential food rundown to your cell phone.

Stores could then push suggestions to add food and different things, considering previous purchases and average purchasing patterns. When strolling through the supermarket, reminders will get sent to your smartphone to ensure you never need to make that second trip back to the store.

Using IoT can decimate costs for firms that are operating in the economy. Organizations use IoT for innovative management and for observing scattered data. Thus, they can handle the latter from far-off places as they feed data into applications and information stockpiling (data storage).

IoT gives the benefit of realizing things ahead of time. Because of the minimal expense of IoT, it is now possible to screen and manage previously inaccessible activities. The monetary aspect is the best benefit since this innovation could replace people responsible for observing and keeping up with provisions. Therefore, expenses can essentially decrease and get optimized. IoT likewise makes it conceivable to gain new bits of knowledge. For example, they are associating the climate impact with mechanical production.

Concerns About IoT

One of the critical drivers of the IoT is information. The accomplishment of interfacing gadgets to make them more productive is subject to access to capacity and data preparation. For this reason, organizations dealing with the IoT gather information from many sources and store it in their cloud network for additional handling.

The data is vulnerable, and hackers target it to access private information. This welcomes protection and security risks and single point weakness of different frameworks.

Conclusion on IoT and its Impact

The future of IoT is limitless. It gives solutions in all areas, including production, style, medical services, schooling, etc. Innovative sites can share a typical smart city platform, which bonds well, particularly for tiny urban communities. The cloud-based nature of IoT solutions for Smart Cities gets fitted by sharing a stage dependent on the information. Small urban communities can shape a typical metropolitan ecosystem.

Along these lines, small and enormous smart cities’ solutions get organized and controlled through the central cloud platform. At last, yet critically, the size of a town isn’t a snag while heading to becoming “smart.” Urban communities in each group can profit from insightful technological advancements.

A Smart Home Checklist for Must-Have Devices

Every day, people strive to make their lives more digital. Smarter Living is transforming the way we live. We live and work in an environment that is efficient and smart. We want to return to a clever, efficient, and comfortable location. To return to homes that let us relax after a hard, stressful day at work.

This article will highlight some great smart home designs and provide the smart home checklists you need to stay ahead in 2021.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Better living isn’t only about better food, better accessories, or a better automobile. In the end, it’s more about upgrading the home that you’re already living in.

Now! In the end, it doesn’t matter how pricey a couch set or other pieces of furniture are at one’s home. It’s more important how efficient and intelligent one’s home is. Any smart-home enthusiast knows how vital it is to incorporate technology into your home to reside better.

Are Smart Homes Expensive?

Well! Mounted and advanced technology might make smart homes prohibitively costly. It is possible to construct smart homes on a budget by being resourceful. Plan your smart-home automation carefully, and you’ll be able to keep your budget under control and build a beautiful yet affordable smart home.

How to Set up a Smart Home?

In most cases, people believe one must start from the beginning. A basic home automation kit may work miracles. As a first step, determine what type of technical improvement you require. It’s crucial to know what your preferences are. Picking out your smart home essentials is the next step.

Besides locks, you may include climate control and sound systems in the1 package. But the essential thing is to get a professional to set up your smart home system. After all, it is the end of the world! What is the purpose of investing much money if you don’t get the outcomes you want?

Smart Home Security Checklist

As you plan your home automation, smart security is a crucial factor to consider. Only when you choose the finest home security systems can you genuinely say that you have a smart home. It includes cameras and alarms as part of the basic package.

There is no need to worry about it when you are away from home. Smart cameras can let you monitor your home while you’re gone. Being able to check on children remotely may be a great help to parents.

Smart Lighting Solutions

As we have covered earlier, the addition of smart lighting may help you save money on utility bills and make your home more energy-efficient. Make your home more modern by placing smart lighting near books and in corners. Another option is to use a light controlled by remote control or a smartphone app.

These are highly efficient and give the home a polished look. But smart floor lighting might also help you win more games. Oh! Security lighting bulbs and outdoor motion sensor bulbs are also worth considering.

Smart Thermostat

It’s no secret that our home’s comfort heavily depends on the proper temperature. Something that everyone wants. By installing only a few tiny thermostats, you can convert your home into a smart home. One of the essential components of a smart home is a thermostat. When converting your home into a smart home, this is a must-have.

Smart Plugs

People seldom consider it, yet it is essential. It can play a crucial role in energy conservation. We can reduce electrical bills with the installation of smart plugs. Using smart plugs will help you never waste energy or forget to turn off the plug after usage. Using a smart plug is easy. It simply requires installation. The rest of the work will take care of itself. There is no reason to be concerned about it.

Smart Home Audio System

Now, this is all up to you. Some people may require it and feel it is essential. Others disregard it because it does not even fall within the category of accessories at all. Smart-home audio systems are available to music lovers and audiophiles.

Well! What is Smart Audio?

Essentially, it’s a high-performance audio system that helps you operate your home and makes it communicate to you. To make your life more interesting, add a booming soundtrack.

Smart Home Air Quality

We all know that the air quality index has plummeted in recent years, which is very detrimental. People build smart homes to make it such that you’ll look forward to going home every day. Your home’s air quality should also improve. You can install air purifiers which you can operate using remotes or cellphones.

You may live a healthy and tranquil life by using one of the several smart-home purifiers available. All of us deserve a vacation from our busy lives! In addition, people get constantly exposed to harmful poisons in the air.

Smart Locks

This topic should have gotten mentioned when discussing security. Still, it has come up now so that you pay closer attention to it. Smart locks provide a distinct advantage. Including intelligent panel locks that require digit codes or fingerprints. To overcome the rumors that smart locks are not secure, you may use a smart key lock instead of digit codes and fingerprint scanners.

A Virtual Assistant

The most advanced feature of our smart homes is now at hand. Your home will take care of you like an assistant. This will transform your home into a smart home of the highest kind. When it comes to smart homes or home automation installation, a virtual assistant can help you achieve your goal. Which is one of the most admired characteristics of all time, according to many people. Someone who lives alone might benefit from a virtual assistant.

Smart Beds and Mattresses

People want a significantly comfy bed for themselves. And guests. Everybody pays attention to the size of the cushion and the fabric used in the quilt. Having the ability to alter the temperature of the mattress is an incredible convenience. Some like a warm and comfortable environment, while others prefer a cool and breezy atmosphere.

Almost everyone can connect to that! An optional smart-mattress cover is available for those who already own a mattress set. After a hard day, you’ll look forward to sliding into bed.

Smart Robot Vacuum

Back then, it was only a dream, but today it’s a reality. It’s possible to invest in a robot vacuum that recognizes the need for cleaning and cleans independently, or you may ask the robot to clean. For added convenience and innovation, there are also some effective robotic mops accessible. Most people consider cleansing to be a complex task. Well! Your worries are over.


What is a smart home? We’ve spoken about the checklist and what a smart-home entails. From the list we have supplied, one can pick and select what they want and even add more items. Something to keep in mind, a smart home should give long-term comfort, not complicate life. Having a smart home has several perks. Life becomes more pleasurable because of technology but may also become more complicated if not appropriately planned. As you embark on your smart homemaking adventure, we wish you the very best of luck.

Tata Consultancy Services vs. Accenture: 3 Powerful Comparisons

Tata Consultancy Services vs. Accenture services have both have revolutionized the world. They are adamant and compelled to modernize the world with the latest technologies and innovations.

Tata Consultancy Services vs. Accenture

Tata Consultancy Services, more commonly known as TCS, was formed in 1968 in India, almost 53 years ago. Tata Consultancy Services is a multinational Indian company providing Information Technology and consulting services. Over the years, TCS has grown at a rapid pace. The determination to excel and move forwards has earned them several accolades and rewards; for example, TCS ranked 64th in the FORBES most innovative companies of 2015.

Much to its praise, Tata Consultancy Services became the first-ever Indian IT Company to reach $100 billion market capitalization. TCS ranks 11th on the Fortune India 500 list. Tata Consultancy Services is a giant in the IT world and is currently operating in 46 countries.

Accenture Limited is an Irish-based company founded in 1989. Accenture headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a multinational company that provides software development, software maintenance and validation, information technology, and business consulting. In their over 32 years of help, they have become global digital services and consulting leaders.

For 13 consecutive years (2009-2021), Accenture has been amongst the Fortune 100 best companies, with offices in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America. Accenture has 624K employees and offices across 50 countries. Accenture is certainly dominating in its domain.

Tata Consultancy Services vs. Accenture Services and Strategic differences

Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services are pretty similar, yet very different. They both have different styles of doing similar tasks. Let’s uncover some of how Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services differ from each other.


At Accenture, some top-notch consultants have changed the game by implementing their thorough knowledge, strategy, design, and technology. With the advisory and consultancy of Accenture, many businesses and brands have excelled and dominated their competitors. It is because of this success that Accenture’s consulting capabilities get acknowledged all around the world. Accenture diverse team of deep digital and industry experts focus on:

  • Bold Strategic Vision
  • Deep Industry Expertise
  • Reimagine Business Functions
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Data and AI-powered Transformation
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Intelligent products, platforms, and core operations

Tata Consultancy Services rate highly for business consulting. They take pride in their efforts to elevate the business to new heights. For 53 years, not only has Tata Consultancy Services grown exponentially, but also its clients have benefitted from its outstanding services. A TCS consulting team comprises learned, intelligent, experienced, and highly professional individuals who have diverse backgrounds. The diversity doesn’t limit their growth but skyrockets it. The highly skilled experts at TCS focus on:

  • Strategic Vision
  • Thrive Amidst Disruption
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Providing industry expertise
  • Contextual knowledge of business


The core of Tata Consultancy Services’ strategy is customer-centricity. The process involves a deep understanding of the client’s business and providing technology solutions by applying contextual knowledge. Tata Consultancy Services has won the trust of its clients by delivering lasting technological solutions. TCS believes in making capacities both in people and new business initiatives. The motive of Tata Consultancy Services is to deliver robust, stable, and sustainable solutions.

Accenture believes that opportunity lies at the heart of change. Accenture provides winning strategies backed up by insights from data and AI. Accenture applies its technique with scale, speed, and certainty. Accenture co-innovate and co-create technological solutions that help clients improve their connection with customers, improve resilience and encourage sustainable growth.

Culture and Values

Accenture is a massive company with having over 265 thousand employees from 50 countries. Accenture gives tremendous regard to diversity and inclusion. They believe that if innovation wants to serve a diverse set of people from different backgrounds. At Accenture, your capabilities define you, not your race or nationality.

Accenture ensures a peaceful and friendly working ambiance for its employees so that ideas can flourish and ooze out. Nothing limits you at Accenture; you can grow as far as your thoughts take you. There is a culture of openness and inclusiveness. At Accenture, a mindset of exploration and innovation impregnates everywhere. Accenture believes in excelling forward with unity and hard work.

Below are Some of the Essential Values of Accenture

  • Give value to clients
  • Leadership by example
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Fairness
  • Excellence

Tata Consultancy Services is a multinational company with having over 500 thousand employees with 150 different nationalities. They have employees from diverse backgrounds, hence supporting diversity and inclusion. Tata Consultancy Services cultivates a sense of fraternity and harmony among its employees who care and show support to each other.

Tata Consultancy Services offers opportunities, flexibility, and consent to its employees at all levels. With a margin for exponential growth and improvement.

Following are Some of the Essential Values of Tata Consultancy Services

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Pioneering
  • Unity

Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services both have a good, inspiring, and motivating culture, hence, fascinating for employees to thrive as far as they can.


Tata Consultancy Services and Accenture have highly skilled, trained, and experienced professionals dedicated to entertaining the clients with the best services and facilities.

TCS Provides the Following Service

  • Cloud
  • Consulting
  • TCS Interactive
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Enterprise Application
  • Cognitive Business Operations
  • Conversational Experiences
  • Automation and AI
  • Engineering and Industrial Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Quality Engineering

 Accenture Provides the Service Mentioned Below

  • Application Services
  • Business Strategy
  • Data and Analytics
  • Industry X
  • Operating Models
  • Technology Consulting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Digital Commerce
  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Technology Innovation
  • Automation
  • Cloud
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB)
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Customer Experience
  • Finance Consulting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Sustainability


EV Market Statistics and Forecasts for 2022 and Beyond

An electric automobile, unlike its gasoline-powered predecessor, is powered by electricity. Instead of an internal combustion engine, these automobiles utilize an electric motor, which requires a constant supply of energy from batteries. Different variety of batteries are utilized in the vehicles. Among them are lithium-ion, molten, zinc-air, salt, and various nickel-based systems. In this article, we have gathered some EV market statistics and facts.

Traditional forms of transportation harm the environment; therefore, electric automobiles were developed to replace them. Electric cars have increased in popularity as a result of multiple technological advancements.

Electric Cars Technology can be Divided into three Categories

  • battery
  • hybrid
  • plug-in hybrid

Electric vehicles are also much more expensive than gasoline-powered vehicles, even though they require oil changes.

Self-charging technologies, including regenerative braking systems and turbochargers, and a collector system that uses power from charging station installations, are used to assess electric automobiles.

Electric vehicle statistics are charged using self-charging technologies such as regenerative braking systems, turbochargers, and a collector system that utilizes electricity from charging station installations. Factors such as growing demand for fuel-efficient, high-performance, and low-emission automobiles and rigorous government pollution rules and regulations are assisting the growth of the electric vehicle industry. Furthermore, issues like high production costs, low fuel economy, and serviceability are expected to stifle the expansion of the electric vehicle industry.

The electric vehicle market is divided into three categories: type, vehicle type, and geography. There are three types of electric vehicles: battery electric vehicles statistics (BEVs), hybrid electric vehicles statistics (HEVs), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) (PHEV). It is divided into three categories: two-wheelers, passenger automobiles, and commercial vehicles. It is divided into two categories based on car price: mid-priced and luxury.

The three types of electric vehicles accessible are battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) (PHEV). The vehicle types listed include two-wheelers, passenger autos, and commercial vehicles. Based on automobile pricing, it is separated into two categories: mid-priced and high-end.

Car buyers are increasingly interested in fuel-efficient, high-performance, low-emission vehicles. Because gasoline is a fossil fuel, it is not a long-term energy source and will run out someday. To support sustainable growth, alternative fuel sources must be discovered and utilized. This necessitates the use of electric vehicles, which do not require fuel and are more cost-efficient than regular vehicles.

A gas-powered car transfers only 17–21% of the energy stored in fuel to power the wheels. In contrast, an electric vehicle translates more than half of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Recently increase in the price of gasoline and diesel, and there has been a surge in demand for fuel-efficient cars. This is due to the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and corporations’ drive to maximize their earnings. Because of these factors, there is a rising need for more fuel-efficient technologies, driving up demand for electric cars.

Government Laws and Standards Governing Car Emissions are Strict

In a conventional gas-powered car, power is generated by an internal combustion engine. In an ideal case, the combustion system entirely incinerates the fuel, leaving only carbon dioxide and water as waste. In actuality, the combustion system emits a range of greenhouse gases, which pollute the environment. On the other hand, an electric automobile runs on an electric motor powered by a continual supply of energy and so produces no pollution.

The United States, Germany, France, and China have all implemented strict government laws on automotive emissions, compelling automakers to use advanced technologies to combat high emission levels. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has created a programme that includes requirements for manufacturers to make and deliver zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), resulting in a significant rise in electric vehicle usage.

High Manufacturing Cost

Although they are more expensive than gasoline-powered vehicles, electric cars provide several benefits over traditional automobiles. This is because these automobiles haven’t yet been mass-produced and so haven’t reaped the benefits of economies of scale. Furthermore, the lack of infrastructure associated with the proliferation of electric cars has been a negative factor impeding the growth of the electric vehicle industry. As a result, the manufacture of electric vehicles demands a substantial investment, which influences the market growth.

Technological Advancements

Automakers are concentrating their efforts on creating improved electric vehicle systems that emit fewer pollutants and are less expensive. Smaller engines help satisfy the upcoming BHARAT STAGE VI pollution requirements; therefore, companies have begun designing them for vehicles. This is because they produce fewer emissions than heavier and larger engines. The compactness and cost-effectiveness of these small engines add even another layer to their value. As a result, the future development of sophisticated GDI systems offers important stakeholders a wide range of opportunities.

5 Astonishing Key IOT Statistics to know in 2022

These days “Internet of Things” is one of the most significant technological advancements. While the term “internet” initially referred to the large-scale networking of computers, it today refers to the fact that things of all sizes and shapes, from automobiles to household appliances to industrial gear, are linked and sharing information digitally.

The worldwide coronavirus epidemic, like every other element of our life, has definitely influenced how this trend is evolving and affecting our lives. In a future where human interaction is restricted for the time being, touch between technology, tools, and toys might help us stay connected.

So, here’s my prediction for 2022, along with some of the ways we may expect to see this worldwide trend express itself and play a bigger role in how we work, live, and play.

IoT Investment in Healthcare is Expected to Increase

Smart wearables, sensors, and linked gadgets will continue to revolutionize healthcare delivery, from telemedicine to automated home support for the aged and disabled. It will also be used to avoid needless interaction in circumstances where the danger of viral contamination is great, such as nursing homes and hospital infectious disease units.

The number of “virtual visits” or online meetings with healthcare professionals in the United States was initially estimated to reach 36 million, demonstrating how the ongoing epidemic has expedited the adoption of the tech-driven healthcare revolution. In actuality, that number is on track to approach one billion by 2022, and this rising trend will undoubtedly continue once infrastructure and patient knowledge of the benefits are in place.

  • The following are five IoT statistics to keep an eye on in 2022
  • The 5 Most Important Technological Trends to Watch in 2022
  • In 2022, four major trends in artificial intelligence (AI) will emerge.

Devices that assist the elderly age in place longer are seeing brisk sales. This will include artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can detect falls or changes in daily routines and warn carers or healthcare practitioners that help may be required. Adapting to the issues raised by Covid-19, the same technology may be used to identify whether the health of people who may be isolating themselves at home rapidly deteriorates since the illness can commonly leave people unable to seek care on their own within hours.

WFH is more Productive as a Result of IoT

Working from home has become the new normal for many in the information economy due to safety concerns about large crowds in offices and metropolitan locations. The development of new technology to assist us in staying organized while working from home is only a question of time. Many of our homes already have AI-powered personal assistants like Amazon Alexa. As a result, calendar and scheduling systems will become more intelligent, and video conferencing and virtual meeting technology will improve quality and engagement. Microsoft’s Virtual Stage platform, which also uses Azure Kinect sensors, uses AI-powered presentations to engross us in the information further.

It means that assets can be better monitored remotely, giving companies the peace of mind that automated machinery will continue to work and alerting human engineers or maintenance personnel when their intervention is needed when they still require physical presence, as is the case with most manufacturing, industrial, and logistics operations.

Internet of Things (IoT) in Retail: Making Shops and Supermarkets Safer and More Efficient

The coronavirus has badly impacted the brick-and-mortar retail industry. The advent of internet retail has made it possible to temporarily shut down numerous non-essential businesses while causing less damage to our daily lives, as we witnessed in the early days of this pandemic. Food and medication distribution centers, on the other hand, must stay open to meet the fundamental requirements of the local people.

Next year, we may anticipate innovative models like Amazon’s fully automated supermarkets to find a new function by reducing the need for non-vital human connection while supplying our houses with food and other necessities. The number of fulfillment centers that make use of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices will rise at an exponential rate as well. Contact-free payment methods will become more common as we move closer to the so-called “cashless society,” which has been projected to arrive for some time now and will present its own set of problems.

RFID tags will be used in retail to track client movements, among other things. As in the past, this data will be used to inform choices about inventory placement and replenishment by tracking how and when consumers engage with displays and goods on the shelves. Due to the changes in society this year, it will now be more utilized to measure social distance and safeguard against overcrowding in particularly crowded sections of supermarkets, shopping malls, and stores.

City-Scale Internet of Things

For a while now, the term “smart city” has been gaining traction due to the increasing use of Internet of Things technology to monitor traffic on road networks, public transportation use, footfall in pedestrianized areas, and the use of civic amenities like recycling centers and refuse collection. Smart meters keep track of how much energy is being used in homes and businesses, allowing the supply to be adjusted to match peak demand while also preventing waste.

We should expect a significant increase in municipal spending on digital capabilities in the next year, allowing them to make greater use of new technologies as they become available. As the world changes, this will become increasingly important. IoT technology will help authorities and businesses better understand and plan safety measures and emergency response strategies for public transportation, city center offices, and recreational facilities such as leisure centers and parks, all of which face increased safety concerns due to the proliferation of people and things online.

Embedded Internet of Things (IoT)

Finally, because of Covid, edge computing is a powerful trend that won’t go away very soon. In line with the other developments discussed here, the transformation it allows will be more relevant than ever before, most likely resulting in a faster adoption rate and innovation.

Edge computing, which conducts this work on the devices themselves, eliminates the need to send data collected by IoT devices to the cloud for analysis and insight extraction. Saving a lot of bandwidth has clear economic and environmental benefits. After Covid, privacy and data stewardship will still be critical considerations. For example, epidemic detection and contact monitoring rely on compassionate data such as health or location.

Deloitte vs Cognizant: Consulting and Services Comparison 2022

Deloitte vs Cognizant

Deloitte tech solutions is a multinational service network company that provides services to individuals and organizations. It has offices in over 150 countries around the world. William Welch Deloitte formed this firm in 1845 in London. With time, it spread in different countries around the world. The people of Deloitte work across the business and industry sector that defines today’s marketplace.

EES’s cloud computing consulting services have the aim of helping companies to migrate apps and sensitive databases to secure and scalable cloud infrastructure and accomplish maximum cost-effectiveness.

Cognizant is an American-based globally known technology company that provides services relating to business consulting, digitalization, security, cloud-enabling, and outsourced sourcing.

Services provided by Deloitte

It provides services like consulting, audit and assurance, risk and financial advisory, tax and legal services globally. Most of the services are mentioned below:

Audit and Assurance

There’s a lot more to auditing than just numbers. It’s about recognizing triumphs and challenges while also assisting in establishing solid foundations for future goals. Deloitte clarifies the what, how, and why of change so you may always be prepared to act.

Resource Evaluation & Advisory

The Resource Evaluation & Advisory practice of Deloitte has the experience and knowledge of the global energy industry to help the customers strategically grow their businesses through mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions at all stages of the business cycle.


There are numerous approaches to achieving innovation, transformation, and leadership. It’s crucial to be able to address complex problems. From strategy formulation through execution, Deloittes can work together to help you design, deliver, and run your business, wherever you compete, using cutting-edge technologies like Cloud and cognitive.

Risk Advisory

In this speedy world of technology, things can change overnight. In this technological world, Deloitte tells you how one can survive and helps in dealing the uncertainties. It helps in growing and sustaining your business.

Financial Advisory

Deloitte’s Financial Advisory services help to build solutions in acquisitions, disputes, investigations, and restructuring.

Legal Services

Legal services Deloitte  involves different matters like legal Advisory service, legal management consulting, and legal managed services


Deloitte helps you to know how tax function operates and what tax strategies are. It allows you to connect with expertise, technology, and noble ideas to make your business more agile.

Services Provided by Cognizant

Application Mordernaization

application modernization services at Cognizant assist you in achieving agility in an increasingly digital environment. To upgrade essential business applications, combine accelerators, platforms, and strategic partners. As a consequence, you’ll have a business that’s ready for whatever the new regular throws at you.

Artificial Intelligence

In this modern world, there are different challenges in the field of business. To deal with these challenges of different shapes and sizes, a diverse set of skills is required. Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence has organized around three unique capabilities that will let you explain, anticipate and respond throughout the business.


In the modern world, everyone is familiar with cloud services and needs to use these services.  Cognizant helps in adopting the cloud platform and maintaining it. The Cloud enables you to mobilize your business, and it also increases the speed and control over the organization. While using Cloud, you can quickly deploy new applications.

Cognizant Infrastructure Services

With infrastructure services that are changing the face of businesses, Cognizant is assisting you in preparing for the digital era. By delivering services through a business-aligned catalog model, we can help your company realize the full potential of automation and a software-defined data center (SDDC).

Cognizant Security

Cognizant provides security services in this era of the internet, where our data is shifting over the Cloud. It helps to remove security blind spots and accelerate your organization. Cognizant provides full security solutions for your organizations and also solves upcoming threats as well.

To avoid transformation risks as you create for the future, you’ll need a strong understanding of modern technologies, applications, infrastructure, security, operations, industrial domains, and human-centric design. Furthermore, we imagine and execute beautiful and straightforward solutions, transforming and streamlining applications and infrastructure at speed and scale—all to assist you in delivering on the promise of digital for all.

Core Modernization

Cognizant has a deep understanding of the latest technologies, security, applications, infrastructure, and operations. Utilizing this knowledge helps in reducing the risks for the future. This company also provides solutions, applications, and infrastructure for your organization.

Digital Engineering and Experience

Through its digital engineering and experience, Cognizant provides design, engineering, and delivery to companies that support digital-first business models. For long-term innovation, it provides the most comprehensive digital engineering knowledge and client-centric methodology.

Enterprise Application Service

Cognizant Enterprise Application Service assists clients across sectors to reinvent their digital customer experience, recruit and maintain a world-class workforce, productively engage their partner ecosystems, and govern their operations and finance organizations.

Deloitte and Cognizant both provide solutions to the companies. The former one targets the small business, while the lateral one is more popular in the mid-market. If we talk about responsiveness, Cognizant is more responsive as compared to Deloitte.

Robotics Statistics You Need To Know in 2022

The robot is the new norm, and no one can deny the fact. Once, these robots were considered a meek strategy to help humans carry weighty kits, and now they are technologically refined machines with the ability to think, learn, and perform innumerable activities. And, they can do it without needing any detailed guidance from any human. 2020 was the year of advancement for robotics. Let’s see some amazing robotics statistics to know more about its importance, trends, and uses.

Enthralling Robotics Statistics

  • Last year, the total count of robotic units was 12 million worldwide. But, solely North American businesses are recorded to purchase 31,044 robotics.
  • Cobots or commonly called “Collaborative robots,” are expected to constitute a total of 34% of overall robot sales by the end of 2025.
  • Coming to the regional robotics statistics, North American companies grew by 3.5% in 2021
  • A significant rise of 12% was observed in robots’ shipments from 2020 to 2022 worldwide.
  • The National Bureau of Statistics data states that China’s production of industrial robots has been increasing continuously by 29.2% annually.
  • The Amazon’s cobots have effectively saved $22 million
  • Apart from the car business, the orders for robotic units have expanded and are expected to reach 11% in electrical, photonics, and semiconductors by the end of 2021.
  • The robotics industry has been successfully employing more than 150,000 skillful individuals internationally in engineering and assembly professions.
  • 88% of industries worldwide are planning to implement robotic automation within every aspect of their IT infrastructure.
  • Fast-forwarding to 2022, roughly 584,000 robotic units are planned to be shipped.
  • Taking genuine robotics industry statistics under consideration, a minimum of 15% development will be observed by 2028, making the total income worth approx. $20 billion.
  • It might shock you, but there will be almost 1,287 robots for every 10,000 workers by 2021 in the automotive industry.
  • In the past year, over 3.05 million industrial robot units have been installed all across the global industries for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • From 2020 to 2022, a 12% increase in robotics shipments worldwide is predictable. It makes driving the annual robotics unit sales worth 465,000 in 2020 and 584,000 units in 2022.
  • When we talk about the future, we can say almost $20 billion will be the total robotics industry’s value by the time we reach 2028.
  • In the medical department, Veebot robots offer 83% accuracy to spot the best vein for drawing blood from the patients.
  • From 2021-2026, the Global Robotics Market will be valued at USD 74.1 billion with a 17.45% CAGR, which was used to be the only USD 27.73 billion last year.

Robotics Industry Expansion

  • As the stats represent, the robotics sector has displayed nearly 70% annual growth by the first quarter of 2021 in comparison to 020. Other industrial niches that have depicted a notable improvement regarding implementation are:
  • 56% annually in Food and consumer goods
  • 51% annually in Plastics and rubber
  • 39% annually in Automotive

Robots in Agriculture

  • The value and size of the robotics market exclusively for the global agricultural practices is expected to rise up to $20.6 billion with a CAGR of 22.8% by 2025. Whereas the value recorded in 2020 was $7.4 billion
  • Moreover, drone robots, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), are one of the greatest advancements made by Robotics worldwide. The market size of agricultural drones will surely be expanding by nearly $6.2 billion with a 25.0% CAGR by the end of 2024. The reason for its upsurge is its inexpensive tactics for conducting field analysis.

Robotics Statistics in the Military

In a couple of years, there will be a military robot market size worth $30.8 billion with a CAGR of 12.92%. By the end of 2025, global spending will reach $16.5 billion solely on military robotics.

Most Popular Consumer of Industrial Robotics

In 2021, 310 000 industrial robots have been installed in China, making it the highest in the world. It confirms that China is the most substantial consumer of industrial robotics on the global level. In second place is Japan, with 61 000 installations. South Korea and the US come in third place, having a total of 46 000 robotics installations.

Robots in Healthcare

Coming to the healthcare industry, more than 200 companies worldwide are managing the production of robotics purposed for helping medical professionals. Apart from general healthcare uses, the orders for life sciences and pharmaceutical robotics have also crossed the big number in 2021. In fact, significant growth of 69% has been noticed. All credit goes to the COVID-19, the pandemic.

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