Capgemini vs Infosys: Cloud and IT Services and Consulting Comparison

Before we start the debate on Capgemini vs Infosys, you must know what they are, how they function, and what exactly their purposes are. So, let’s start!

What is Capgemini?

With its powerful 50-year establishment and industry expertise, Capgemini offers Cloud, Information Technology, Outsourcing, and Consulting services. This brand ranks number 523 on the list of Best Global Brands, a list of recognized brands carefully rated by customers. Also, it ranks 165 among its major competitors in the IT industry.

It is a worldwide leader in IT and helps companies across different industries upgrade and manage their business leveraging technology. The group uses technology to unleash human energy and build an inclusive and sustainable future. Clients trust Capgemini to sort all their business needs, including strategy, operations, and design. Thanks to the rapidly growing and innovative world of cloud, AI, data, digital engineering, and software.

Overall, Capgemini has a neutral social sentiment when analyzing social media channels and online mentions. And it is a responsible and diverse organization with over 300,000 team members spread across 50 countries. Thanks to the rapidly growing and innovative world of cloud, AI, data, digital engineering, and software.

What is Infosys?

With over 40 years of establishment in managing systems and digital transformations of global enterprises, Infosys is a worldwide leader in providing consulting, technology, outsourcing, and next-generation digital services. The brand ranks at number 501 in the list of Best Global Brands. Customers carefully rated it from a list of top global brands. Although, it ranks number 154, compared to other companies in the tech industry.

Also, it has a neutral social sentiment when analyzing online mentions and social media channels. Infosys expertly guides clients through their digital journey by helping them implement an AI-powered core to help drive seamless execution of change. It empowers organizations using agile digital scales to deliver refined performance and boost customer satisfaction.

Infosys has a continuous-learning practice that drives perpetual improvement by building, growing, and transferring digital expertise and ideas from its large innovation ecosystem.

Capgemini vs Infosys NPS Score


The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool that helps to measure customer relationship satisfaction. A widely adopted key metric substantially links a business product or service to the revenue opportunity. The NPS gets determined by customer responses to a question that asks them to rate how eager they are to recommend the product/service to a friend, “On a scale, of 0 to 10. They can also actively recommend that people stay away from using your product or service.

Capgemini has a Net Promoter Score of 23. It results from having 56% Promoters, 33% Detractors, and11% Passives.

Infosys has a Net Promoter Score of -3 with 41% Promoters, 44% Detractors, and 15% Passives.

Pricing Plans


Users who rank the monetary value and the highest ROI are primarily from the tech industry. Also, not all the products or services provided will fit all the needs of a particular user or industry. Therefore, customers from the Banking and Financial Services industry typically report the lowest ROI from Capgemini. Hence, pricing plans may be relative depending on your industry service needs.


The customers that rate their value for money and the highest ROI are primarily from the accounting industry. And in this case, clients from the Tech industry typically think that they get the lowest ROI. As we said, pricing plans may be subject to change depending on your industrial demands.

Capgemini vs Infosys Pros and Cons

Advantages of Capgemini

  • Capgemini is a partner that takes time to understand customers’ business dynamics and highly respects their perspectives while pushing towards best practices.
  • Monetization is not their principal goal but to invest in relationships and clients’ success.
  • Robust technical expertise.
  • A mix of onshore and offshore professionals.

Advantages of Infosys

  • Business Pace, flexibility, insight
  • Shared responsibility as they have a powerful ability to collaborate across multiple teams in an ecosystem.
  • Infosys is open to feedback.
  • Persistent with partner relationships, support, and ownership.
  • Experience in the B2B domain and technology leadership.

Disadvantages of Capgemini

  • When talking to senior executives, the team may require extra “hand-holding” to nail down your specific needs
  • Pricing is not always very competitive
  • Planning knowledge transfer in case of team-member replacements is not always smooth
  • It lacks a little executive communication

Disadvantages of Infosys

  • Resources ramp up when the need for more programs arises
  • Handovers require extra planning
  • You may need extra help to comprehend documentation
  • Infosys contracting is a little complicated

You are welcome to enjoy top-class asset, business, records, and customer relationship management with EES for optimizing network and data communication workflows. Our well-structured IT Management Services not only supervise your IT infrastructure but also help you use technology for better strategizing, Verification, and Validation to achieve innovation.

10 Must-Know Features of a Great Mobile Application

Today’s world is running on mobile applications. There is not a thing for which you won’t find an application. Whether you want to communicate with your loved ones or join a business meeting online, shop while staying at home or book a ride for your destination, entertain yourself through games or run a business for brand building, you will get an application for all of these.

Developers out there are using creativity to develop applications that users could effectively use and get productive outcomes. But certain features make a great application and this read is all about such features. Just roll down to know those features to develop an application that is loved by everyone!

Stick With Simplicity

Many people out there are unable to retain their attention for a longer time. This is the reason your application should be simple enough to allow the user to navigate it with ease and not lose their attention understanding how to use it. If not taken care of, you might lose your valuable customer. If your customers find it easy to access and collect the information, they are most likely to make a purchase through your app. Therefore, stick with a simple interface to enhance the user’s experience.

Good Resolution Matters!

As you make the user experience serene through the simplicity of the app structure, focus on getting good resolution images to ensure your customers have a worthwhile experience. Users today expect a high-definition image with a range of multi-colors. You should not restrict your app in this regard to limit your sales.

Develop With Fast Loading Speeds

This feature is quite vital as it ensures that the users will not be struck by boredom. Of course, no one likes waiting, instead, it is a frustrating element for the customer that may result in leaving your app and ultimately losing your customer. The fast-loading speeds also refer to the use of appropriate graphics and preventing large tables. Everything should be quick and simple.

Keep it Flexible

Android and iPhone app developers work on various mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, and windows. To get the best outcome through your app, make it flexible on these platforms. You need to test the apps on these systems to ensure that the size screens and the resolutions are a perfect fit.

 Add Search Options

You may think of it as a minor feature but actually it matters a lot. Many users make use of this feature and therefore it is necessary that you add it to your application. For social variety and business, it is quite an essential feature for an application.

You Couldn’t Compromise on Security

You must be aware of how internet security has always been an issue for the user. The same goes for the application. As your application will store sensitive information such as personal details, and credit or debit card details, it is a must you don’t compromise on the security of the app. Stealing customer data, screen lock passcodes, and getting private business assets are some of the reasons you should be tight on your app security.

Make it Eye-Catching

Of course, a captivating and appealing app does attract the customer. Eye-catching color schemes should be used in the design to throw a stylish yet professional look. You may use the color wheel to know the complementary colors.

Integrate Push Notifications

Push notification is a great feature letting the customer see content that they may find interesting. It is much better than a mail that may end up in the spam folder. Also, it is easier to send by comparing it to emails. The push notifications may be any graphic, text, or both. Relevant and personalized messages regarding any latest deals or discounts will attract the customer to make a purchase.

Sound Effects

Another feature that app developers need to consider is sound effects, especially mobile app developers. Whether you are developing a game for iOS or android, game lovers find this feature most exciting. A game without sounds is quite boring and uninteresting. So, try to create games with interesting sound effects that engage readers. Remember games with the right sound effects engage players and make their mood enthusiastic.

Integrate Social Media

Integrating social media in your app help users invite their friends to use your app, talk about its uniqueness, & share their perspective with others. Therefore, app owners take advantage of integrating social media in their apps, the more users use their app, share about their stuff will result in high traffic.

A Final Takeaway

As you read the features of a great app, make sure that your application carries these features to make it an excellent experience for the user. Focusing on the core features will allow you to satisfy your customers and retain them. Mobile App Development that is not productive in its functionality will not bring you fruitful outcomes.

10 Best Project Management Tools For Software Development in 2022

Project Management Tools that help software developers to develop applications are called software tools. Today we will have a look at the 5 most popular software tools which are used to develop miscellaneous software. EES is taking a step forward to reconceptualize the methods applications are built. We feel pride in being called a reputed mobile app development company in Dallas that happens to work on the web, VR, GIS, and location-based app development, as well.

Best Project Management Tools

1. Jira

Jira is an issue tracking tool that is used by teams working on a project using agile methodology. It helps a team to plan, track and release software. Jira can be customized and its prevailing features can be used in all phases of development.

2. Zend Studio

Zend Studio is an IDE used for coding and testing web and mobile applications. It is an ultra-fast performance tool that helps in searching, indexing, and validating PHP applications. It helps in deploying PHP apps on all servers even on cloud-like Azure and AWS.

3. Nifty

Nifty is an easy-to-use project management solution that enables teams to create milestones, manage tasks, and files all in one central location. Nifty also has a portable team chat that makes it a breeze for teams to stay in sync.

4. Bitbucket

Bitbucket  Is a source code repository for software project development source code? It is also a version control system based on the web which is used by teams to collaborate on code and also for code review. Its flexible deployment models of Bitbucket make this a very useful tool added by private repositories and collaboration of code on steroids. Etc.

5. GitHub

GitHub is a platform used for development and collaboration for reviewing code and management of software projects. It is used to build software applications and to manage, host, and review code. With help of GitHub, developers have the ability to document the code and then host it from GitHub repositories.

6. Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Is a powerful tool from adobe that can be used as a programming editor to create all kinds of websites? It has support for different markup languages including XML, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. It is available for windows as well for Linux. The latest version of dream viewer has the option to preview your website even before launching it. You can design responsive websites using dream viewer.

7. Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service to design, deploy, manage and test web-based software and hybrid cloud applications. Services provided by MS Azure include CDN, Virtual Network, Migrate apps, messaging, storage data management, etc.

8. NetBeans

NetBeans is free and open-source software written in Java which is used to build mobile and web applications easily. It is a cross-platform tool that works on all OS like Mac, Linux, Windows, and Solaris. It is full of features like smart code editing, process management, and the development of a user interface.

9. Bootstrap

Bootstrap Is a free and open-source framework for developing fast and responsive mobile and web applications using technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It can be customized according to the need of the project because it is open source. It also supports a smart drag and drop facility and supports a wide range of features like pre-built components, plug-ins, sass variables, and mixings that allows its users to make powerful applications.

10. Eclipse

Eclipse is a popular Java IDE that is used for application development by software developers in computer programming. In addition to java, it is also used for other languages like C++, C#, C, ABAP, PHP, etc.

Feather Magazine Theme Vs Image Gridly Theme- A Comprehensive Comparison

Feather Magazine

 Feather Magazine is a multipurpose most ideal WordPress theme for the magazine and affiliate, personal blog, or classic website. It has a more effective and clean and user-friendly design for your websites. This theme offers some boundless limited customization. It is the perfect combination of professional and beautiful blogs.

The theme has a lot of space for advertisement where you can place ads by utilizing the header, sidebar for video advertisement and the image advertisement, etc. It is made for various search engines like google, bing, yahoo so you can easily beat another blogger in the Google with help of our fast Seo Optimized theme. Even you are a beginner you can easily set up the themes without any technical knowledge.

If You are thinking about starting blogging for travel, technology, fashion (such as leather apparel fashion brand, Leatherial), or in any other niches then feather magazine is the responsive and flexible theme.

Image Gridly

 Image Gridly is one of the fully SEO optimized and responsive WordPress themes so it works on different devices like tablets, desktop, mobile phones, that is used for photography, portfolio, blogging, newspapers or stock of image websites.

This theme is so simple to set up and it has a lot of features for affiliate marketing and for advertisement it comes with lots of space. When we are talking about the code, its code is clean for your website to load fast and quick response.

It is a well SEO structured, creative, and modern multi-purpose theme, this theme comes with beaver Pagebuilder, so it allows us to create a corporate converting landing page. It requires less customization to create an attractive design.

Features of Feather Magazine and Image Gridly

Feather Magazine

Image Gridly


Hide Title/ Tag Line

Premium Support

Responsive Design

0.2 Seconds load Tim

Custom Site/Tage Ling

Custom Copyright text

Recent Post Widgets

Right and left sidebar

Easy Google Fonts

Post Formats

Page Speed Plugin

Hide and Show Breadcrumbs

Show Header Everywhere

Hide and show tag section

Customize blog Feed Color

Custom Primary color

Elementor Compatible

Single Post & Page colors

Access All child theme

Custom Navigation colors

Multiple website support

Hide and Show Author box

Hide Logo Text

Gutenberg Editor

Custom Navigation Logo

Space for advertisement

Background Color

Pro and Cons of Feather Magazine and Image Gridly

Pro of Feather Magazine and Image Gridly

Feather Magazine

Feather Magazine is WordPress responsive and SEO optimized and easy to install and customize. You can this theme for multipurpose and as per demand create various professional websites.

Image Gridly

This theme is fully flexible responsive and it is used for especially photography websites and Image gridly is implemented beaver Page builder, it provides some features to create some different purpose of a website and also landing pages.

Cons Of Feather Magazine and Image Gridly

Feather Magazine

The Feather magazine themes are the difficult theme as it is not compatible with One-click for demo import, if you have full content for the news and magazines, then it not comes with Gutenberg editor.

Image Gridly

The Image Gridly has some limited customization features, it provides some fewer customization features for your blog post.

Price Comparison



Feather Magazine

Image Gridly




Business Subscription



Lifetime Access




In this article in short, if you are want to start simple magazine websites and photography websites. Don’t miss these two demanding WordPress themes suitable for your business. EES is undoubtedly a market-proven mobile app development company in Dallas with a well-trained & skilled software development team that meets your app specifications to help you move inside the modern world.

Both themes have good speed and enough features for their various function, So if looking to start blogging, then I suggest you go with Feather magazines.

10 Cloud Computing Applications in 2022

Cloud computing applications are seen in our daily life where software is served as a service. It is done to solve the user’s and company’s problems. It is also used to help the user to access cloud services or to use the Internet of Things?

Let’s understand how technology is making life easy in 2021 with the help of cloud computing. Software nowadays can be used as a service using cloud computing. Users need an internet connection and a browser for this method of software delivery. We can access the data from any device with a different browser.

Cloud Computing Applications

Software as a service is known by different names such as cloud-based service, on-demand software, and web-based software. It provides a complete software solution, and you can use the app for your organization to connect with users by using the Internet. The service providers or vendors host and maintain the cloud server. EES is extending the cloud computing consulting services to gaming, healthcare, food, real estate, and many other industries, helping them adapt to the ever-growing needs for business continuity.

10 Popular Software as a Service (SaaS) Examples

Let’s discuss the popular SaaS applications that can be used by every business for the growth of the company.

Salesforce is a cloud-based SaaS, and it became popular with the use of cloud computing. Salesforce is mostly known for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products, and it allows businesses to collect all the different information about their customer, prospects and leads with a single online platform.
The platform has many data integrations like Salesforce with GSheets integration to streamline data management and improve reporting and performance.

It also allows us to know the authority of a particular employee and lets us access data with any device. Salesforce provides different tools for the improvement of the customer’s sales. This kind of software as a service application is used to fulfill the requirement of a business to raise revenue and save on resources.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office offers various productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also offers a version of MS Office which is cloud-based. Office 365 provides and expands the workplace suite’s parameters. It allows the users to create, edit and share the content from different systems like PC, Mac, IOS, Android, and Windows systems in a short time with their colleagues and customers by using different tools. It can be emailed to other contacts. You can also get the benefits of using these technologies to secure the interaction from both sides inside and outside the organization.


Box provides an online workplace for businesses to collaborate with anyone, anytime, and you can share large files via a traditional link with encrypted permission and a password. The box can support more than 120 files, and receivers can preview the content before downloading. The box allows us to automate tasks such as employed onboarding and contract approvals and reduce the repetition of tasks.

Google Apps

Google offers different productivity tools for advertising and other purposes. Google Apps provides custom professional email, calendar, and Meet application. It also offers cloud-based document storage in Google Drive. It is used to access files instantly. We can also share files with co-workers.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon also provides on-demand cloud-based IT resources and applications for the company, and one can access the services only if you have to pay for the services. Amazon Web Services offer more than 70 services for the company and can be storage, networking, database, analytics, deployment, and other different tools.


Concur is software used by businesses to maintain employees’ travel expenses. Users can automate travel expenses and maintain all the reports. It is a web-based mobile application to book travel plans. You do not need to collect and track the receipt of expenses. They are directly available in digital expense reports.


It is cloud-based customer services for a ticketing platform. It allows us to tackle inbound client requests across different communications channels such as email, the web, and social media. Phone or chat. Zendesk was built with a cloud-based machine learning tool for solving customer questions and requests.


DocuSign offers transaction management services.  It is used for the exchange of digital contracts and other e-signed documents.  Users can access, sign and send the document from their office to anywhere else. DocuSign’s e-signatures are used in different virtual transactions across the globe.


Dropbox helps its users to access their files globally from anywhere and also keeps their files and documents safe at their fingertips. When you add any file to Dropbox storage,  it shows on desktop and mobile devices. It allows people to start the project on a PC, and you can edit it on your Smartphone. You can invite the users or teammates to access any Dropbox file or folder and send them links with full credentials and password-protected links.


Slack is a communication platform. It allows us to do real-time messages and improvise business communication. It also helps us to organize the conversations in open channels and avoid limitations in communication between participants. Colleagues can interact one-to-one using a private and secure message. It enables the professional to share files, document spreadsheets, and portable documents.


So in this article, we see various applications of software as a service model. You can select the best SaaS provider as per your requirement. SaaS helps you to minimize resources and perform tasks easily. Do not forget to leave a positive comment below.

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