Cloud Unified Communications as Service (UCaaS)

The future of communications is in our hands as EES is the pioneer of Unified communications (UC) solutions featuring high-end collaboration tools. We are bringing the full-featured platform by integrating multiple communication channels, including phone, instant messaging, internet-based chat, and video conferencing.

Our Areas of Expertise

EES has dedicated cloud solutions consulting teams with sufficient knowledge of UC, which they utilize to boost productivity, control costs, and maintain business communications through consolidating separate ways of communication into one. We have designed our infrastructure to keep the remote teams under close check while keeping practicality in mind to ensure a robust interaction platform. Our truly talented team responsibly maintains security and backend configuration and supervises telephony functions. 

The encrypted communication channels tend to keep the hyper-connected environment secure by protecting data and improving the customer experience. These benefits make our services tremendously attractive.

When it comes to phone service, EES has the top-rated software and applications ready to serve various purposes, including call forwarding, call recording, advanced call routing, etc. We let the customers communicate through the channel of their preference supported by resourceful cloud computing managed services.

EES, one of the leading cloud computing consulting companies in the USA, has reliable and safe platforms comprising various instant messaging channels for carrying out individual and group-based real-time chats. Our top-class unified messaging services uphold remote work efficiency and lower communication costs significantly.

At EES, you can video conference without compromising on quality or business productivity and with proper security solutions. Whether you want one-to-one or multi-participant meetings, we know how to bring additional functionality. Guests are welcome to join via web conferencing.

With EES, you will get a mammoth opportunity to make the most out of the secure tools and scalable applications that work flawlessly to improve workplace collaboration. Scheduling, messaging, and project management are no more challenging tasks for any business, especially when it comes to sensitive business communications.

Our cloud computing consulting services based on the latest Unified Communications (UC) technologies can survive harsh weather conditions, sudden power outages, and erratic surges in remote work. Cloud-based UC solutions are secure and tailor-fit to help you establish a stable workplace.

One of the unique aspects of our UC solutions is the integration of CRM tools. These tools are destined to offer your representatives instant access to the previous conversation and client history. The data is also shared with the clients to avoid getting confused and have a smooth experience. It is fundamental for providing personalized support.

Why Cloud Unified Communications

Let’s Discuss your Problem with Experts. (Free of cost)

Get an Application Scalability, Application Functionality, And Higher Productivity at Low Cost

How Do We Help?

Do not risk falling behind the competition and bringing future development possibilities with our cloud computing managed services. EES has UCaaS analytics robust enough to recognize any possible performance concerns and put them to an end before they become irreversible. Finally, you can optimize customer experience while bringing greater employee flexibility with our cloud computing consulting services.

Why should you work with EES?

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Let’s Discuss your Problem with Experts. (Free of cost)

What our Clients Say

One of the amazing IT Solution Company in the Market now.

If you’re looking for a quality service with a value for money, i’ll recommend EES Inc.

   Eustaquio Follosco Jr

EES Inc is a great company. Highly professional employee and reliable company.

Communicates well. Highly recommended.

Alexsandra Jane Parulan

Depth of knowledge and the ability to accomplish complicated tasks

in a time crunch is phenomenal. Jimmy Helped build our data center from the

ground up without hiccups in a high-stress environment while training up

employees on how to operate and use it. Couldn’t be happier.

William Wallace

EES was the Enterprise Network Architect at Austin Energy for the EMS

and ADMS Control System Network Infrastructure. Excellent knowledge, experience,

and work ethic.You can always count on EES on providing the best solutions for your business.

Andy Ibarra


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