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The client is a provider of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, and YouTube.

The client needed a Cloud Network Architect to analyze business/technical requirements, design and implement Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud architectures, and implement GCP firewall rules. Our responsibilities as cloud network architect consultants included creating, integrating, testing, deploying, and maintaining networks.

The client chose EES as the cloud network architect in large part due to our expertise in a wide range of consulting services, including the Design, implementation, and maintenance of Cloud Infrastructures, Security Infrastructures, Core Routing Infrastructures, Virtualization Infrastructures, Compute Infrastructures, Storage Infrastructures, and Software Defined Networks (SDN). Our firm was entrusted with managing the client’s global cloud and network architecture rollouts.

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Our architects developed a complete strategy to help the client redesign and execute their network architecture, which included the following

Designed and implemented advanced BGP Routing between on-premises Firewalls/Routers and GCP Cloud Routers/3rd Party Routing Appliances hosted on GCP.

Designed and Implemented GCP Kubernetes (GKE) Clusters

Designed and Implemented Google VMware Engine (GCVE)

Performed lift and Shift migration of on-premises Datacenters to GCP, GKE and GCVE

Performed Application transformation and migration from on-premises Datacenter to GCP, GKE and GCVE.

Designed and Implemented GCP Organizations, Projects and IAM Roles

Design and Implemented GCP Cloud DNS

Performed Migration of On-premises DNS to Cloud DNS

Designed and Implemented GCP Cloud NAT, Cloud Armor, and Cloud CDN

Designed and Implement F5 with API HA Failover on GCP

Designed and Implemented Fortigate Firewall with HA on GCP

From deciding the appropriate architecture and security technologies to guiding the client on how to implement new features effectively, our expert team at EES was in charge of every aspect of the design, implementation and devops process. The client's needs were discussed and planned using the spiral model. Agile project methodology was employed for more effective collaboration between EES internal teams, enabling us to dynamically react to input and adjust to changing requirements quickly.


Within the function of Cloud Network architecture, EES designed and Implemented GCP Hybrid Network Connectivity, GCP IPSEC VPNs, Google Cloud High Availability and Disaster Recovery, VPC Network Peering, GCP Hybrid Network Connectivity, GCP IPSEC VPNs, GCP External, Internal, TCP/UDP and SSL Load Balancers, Google Cloud High Availability and Disaster Recovery along with VPC Network Peering.

After EES’s involvement with the customer, the partnership lasted for another two years. Our team has been responsible for delivering all upgrades, new features, and maintenance the GCP Cloud infrastructure. The client has seen an increase in scalability, sales, and access to automated upgrades owing to our cloud architecture services while simultaneously seeing a decrease in IT expenditures.

The client's revenue has increased 300% and their efficiency is up 131%.

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