The client is a healthcare performance improvement company based in Dallas, USA and is the biggest member-owned healthcare services provider in the USA.

The client needed Cloud Solutions Architect Services to design, develop, and link Cisco ACI, UCS, and other network devices and provide architectural consultation for new converged infrastructure deployments.EES’s role as a Cloud Solutions Architect comprised the development, integration, testing, deployment, and maintenance of converged infrastructure.

The client chose EES as their Cloud Solutions Architect because of our proficiency in a wide range of cloud-related fields, including but not limited to: Cloud Infrastructure Infrastructure Design, Cloud Infrastructure Implementation, Security Infrastructure  Design, Core Routing Infrastructure Design, Virtualization Infrastructure Design,  Storage Infrastructure Design, and Software Defined Network Design. Our company provided the customer with cloud infrastructure design and implementation of converged systems.

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An advanced converged network, including a Cisco ACI Stretched Fabric connecting two data centers, was developed and deployed by our architects. We implemented the following services:

Creating a responsive Open Daylight Application in Python to interface with Cisco Nexus 9000, Cisco UCS Director, Cisco ACI, Cisco UCS, VMware vShpere, Openstack, NetApp vFiler, Palo Alto Firewall and F5 Load balancer.

Designing and Implementing a migration plan from Cisco 6500, Cisco Nexus 7Ks and 5Ks to Cisco ACI

Designing and Implementing Cisco UCS on ACI and Implementing disjointed Layer 2 to facilitate migration between the legacy Nexus 7009s and Cisco ACI.

Designing and Implementing Palo Alto 5060 firewalls in Active/Active configuration

Designing and Implementing Palo Alto 5060 firewalls in Active/Active configuration.

Designing and Implementing Cisco UCS 6332-16UP converged infrastructure.

Designing and Implementing VMWare NSX infrastructure.

Designing and Implementing Cisco UCS Director to automate the provisioning of ACI, Cisco UCS, VMware vShpere, NetApp vFiler, Palo Alto Firewall and F5 Load balancer.

Designing ed and Implementing Cisco Cloud Center (Cliqr) to manage and automate dynamic provisioning of resources between the Private Cloud infrastructures (VMWare vCloud and Openstack) and Public Cloud infrastructures (AWS and Azure).

Implementing multiple Tenants, multiple VRFs and multiple EPGs.

Implementing Layer 2 and Layer 3 Outbound connections between ACI and other network devices.

Implementing Cisco Prime Service Catalog for requisition of infrastructure resources.

Implementing Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM) software Controller to automate the provisioning of Cisco IWAN connections and deployment and management of new campus infrastructure.

Our EES team was responsible for designing, creating, and implementing a new converged infrastructure and connecting two data centres. Iterative planning was used to discuss and design a strategy for meeting the client's requirements.
We at EES used the Agile approach to improve our teamwork, which allowed us to respond more swiftly to consumer feedback and meet ever-evolving needs.


For this client, EES developed, deployed, and continues to manage the converged infrastructure on several fronts while advising on the system’s overarching architectural strategy. EES was a reliable technological partner through the introduction of converged infrastructures. Throughout the new infrastructure’s entire lifecycle, EES kept operations running smoothly.

The customer was able to reduce IT costs while increasing scalability and revenue owing to the automated updates made possible by our Cloud Solutions Architect services.

The client's revenue increased by 250%, and their output increased by200% as a direct result of our efforts.

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