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Restore normal operations quickly with cost-effective, enterprise-grade, and scalable cloud DR and fulfill RTO and RPO demands with high-performant failover orchestration! We promise to double the cyber resilience without increasing expenses by offering pay-per-use cloud computing consulting services. Our strategic data management practices of Azure, AWS, and GCP reduce the complexity of the planning and implementation.

Our Areas of Expertise

EES cloud computing services keep your business-critical data backed up with fool-proof DR plans that ultimately boost business resilience and ensure fast data recovery. Effortless data mobility and portability for business continuity are among the many benefits of EES’s world-class disaster recovery plan (DRP). With the implementation of integrated cloud backups, we incredibly eliminate the use of extra software and hardware, making our cloud computing managed services a pretty feasible option for enterprises. We have free backup consultancy and unbeatable Office 365 email & SharePoint backup.

EES, one of the market-leading cloud computing consulting companies in the USA, has modernized and simplified the ways of recovering on-premises resources in the cloud by selecting the right software and tools. Our professionals can design scalable DR strategies to boost the cloud’s data storage capacity during a disaster recovery event. And it automatically reduces after serving the purpose of recovery. Our top-class service comes equipped with reliable failover operations for a consistent workflow. We make sure that migration happens smoothly by enabling automatic systems.

At EES, we serve you with the technical assistance of recovering cloud-native workloads inside and across clouds. This service is helpful when the organization intends to recover data from another cloud geography. Our experts choose suitable technologies for cloud workload retrieval. We ensure faster recovery of the entire cloud infrastructure.

In case of emergency, EES cloud computing consulting services have the DR services available to recover data from the cloud and transition your salvaged information to the on-premise IT infrastructure. Our cloud solutions consulting teams will initiate cloud-based backups when the organizations give signals. EES will make it happen whether you need to use cloud-based data for granular recovery or to meet massive scale obtainability needs. We have the efficient ability to shift workload exactly where the organization wants it to be.

EES is well-prepared to assist you in recovering workloads across different cloud providers. Our cloud DR can be carried out between multiple cloud geographic regions putting all troubles side. This is how we protect your major IT setups and minimize downtime. We empower you to deal with potential disasters.

Why Should you choose Cloud DR

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Get Benefits of EES Well-Structured DR Plan for Recovering Physical, Virtual, and Cloud-Based Systems and Applications

How Do We Help?

Our cloud experts always choose the best-practice DR workflows for devising a plan that gives details of every data storage location and monitors RTOs and RPOs to minimize the negative impacts on your organization for the long term.

Why should you work with EES?

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Let’s Discuss your Problem with Experts. (Free of cost)

What our Clients Say

One of the amazing IT Solution Company in the Market now.

If you’re looking for a quality service with a value for money, i’ll recommend EES Inc.

   Eustaquio Follosco Jr

EES Inc is a great company. Highly professional employee and reliable company.

Communicates well. Highly recommended.

Alexsandra Jane Parulan

Depth of knowledge and the ability to accomplish complicated tasks

in a time crunch is phenomenal. Jimmy Helped build our data center from the

ground up without hiccups in a high-stress environment while training up

employees on how to operate and use it. Couldn’t be happier.

William Wallace

EES was the Enterprise Network Architect at Austin Energy for the EMS

and ADMS Control System Network Infrastructure. Excellent knowledge, experience,

and work ethic.You can always count on EES on providing the best solutions for your business.

Andy Ibarra


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