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EES has successfully combined standard industrial practices and efficient tools in cloud DevOps with the aim to boost the company’s software development, infrastructure management, and delivery of new applications along with driving cloud development to let you take wide-ranging benefits from cloud-native architectures. Every technical and bureaucratic hurdle is removed by empowering new cloud offerings to fulfill consumers’ demand with our cloud computing managed services.

Our Areas of Expertise

EES, a market-leading cloud computing consulting company in the USA, has a team of dedicated and skilled DevOps engineers with sharp abilities and years of technical experience, making them understand your business better. Serve your customers the best with EES!

We are progressing the app development, refining the deployment of new products, and advancing the functionality and delivery of innovative services faster, enabling the enterprises to compete more efficiently in the hyper-competitive market.

EES’s cloud experts are equipped with sufficient knowledge to align your software/app development and routinely technical operations by using the best industrial practices to improve collaboration. Benefit your organization with our cloud-native services and achieve your professional goals, including IT agility, workflow speed, and infrastructure reliability.

Our cloud computing managed services include optimizing your company’s potential to introduce new software on our industry-validated templates, initiate new app development, deploy changes faster, add more valuable features to your service at a reduced cost, and function at high velocity. With EES by your side, you can promise to deliver scalability, reliability, and security as we are the experts in cloud optimization and automation of repetitive tasks. Boost your CI/CD pipeline development, as well.

Every process is automated, from designing infrastructure to manufacturing, deployment, and testing, bringing efficiencies. We reduce manual efforts and provide deep insights resulting in error-free processing.

EES pledges to bring uninterrupted advancements to your cloud infrastructure, making your system more resilient. We speed up the process of continuous delivery while revolutionizing the cloud experience. Our customized DevOps offers flexibility and scalability. We have plenty of powerful tools for highlighting loopholes and resolving the issues instantly to maintain the performance.

Contact EES – a reliable cloud computing consulting company in the USA, and get your organization treated with cloud DevOps for incorporating robust security practices and standard principles into software development right from the very first step. You are provided with a bird’s eye view of your development cycle. Security involves instant warnings to help you alert about unwanted or suspicious activity. Our cloud solutions consulting team takes full responsibility for carrying out automated security testing and compliance processes with reliable auditing tools to make sure that every process is up to the mark. We stay compliant with the regulations (NIST, PCI, HIPAA, etc.).

Cloud offers cost savings, strategic edge, High performance, Mobility, Flexibility, and Reliability for business.

With EES cloud-based DevOps, you can ultimately ensure faster delivery and smooth technical operations, leaving no burden on the management. It is time to enhance toolchains and polish individuals’ skills with us. Our team will monitor every development step from designing to construction, setting up the servers to configuration, from CI/CD management to optimization and automation.

Our cloud and DevOps experts can be your personal consultants giving effective advice to help you get the maximum ROI from the least investment. Moreover, EES finds a guaranteed way of optimizing resources, minimizing expenses, and improving infrastructure. We prefer the use of a metrics-driven development approach. Our teams are dedicated to creating more efficient, dynamic, creative engineering teams that are familiar with prioritizing value-based backlogs.

By partnering with us, you will get a huge opportunity to communicate with people, enjoy hyper-collaboration of teams, and access development tools, chatbots, and enterprise-level automated procedures within transparent workflows to carry out smooth communication. We are eliminating all hurdles supported by real-time development. We tighten feedback loops and bring the needed efficiency between the operations and the IT teams by utilizing the power of online chat. Our ChatOps promise to limit organizational friction.

Benefits of Cloud Devops

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Let’s Discuss your Problem with Experts. (Free of cost)

What our Clients Say

One of the amazing IT Solution Company in the Market now.

If you’re looking for a quality service with a value for money, i’ll recommend EES Inc.

   Eustaquio Follosco Jr

EES Inc is a great company. Highly professional employee and reliable company.

Communicates well. Highly recommended.

Alexsandra Jane Parulan

Depth of knowledge and the ability to accomplish complicated tasks

in a time crunch is phenomenal. Jimmy Helped build our data center from the

ground up without hiccups in a high-stress environment while training up

employees on how to operate and use it. Couldn’t be happier.

William Wallace

EES was the Enterprise Network Architect at Austin Energy for the EMS

and ADMS Control System Network Infrastructure. Excellent knowledge, experience,

and work ethic.You can always count on EES on providing the best solutions for your business.

Andy Ibarra


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