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A SaaS deployment provides consumers with a higher standard of service delivery than an on-premise implementation. EES’s Cloud software or Software as a service (SaaS) is more integrated than ever. It covers each step from development to implementation, configuration to reporting analytics.

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    Looking for low-cost, effective hardware and software management services? Enterprise Engineering Solutions provides secure application software deployment and strategy consulting services that can get a business running on a pay-as-you-go basis. We help businesses build and maintain a strong competitive edge by allowing customers to access applications over a wide area network.

    Business Analysis

    EES is a top-tier cloud computing consulting company that conducts comprehensive business analysis to help you underline pain points and strengths in your cloud infrastructure. We collect data in realtime to provide a holistic interpretation of your business.

    Personalized Design

    We build fully-customized software solutions that address business and give you real-time access to new features and updates as per your underlined business software implementation.

    Cloud Architecture

    EES uses cloud platforms with carefully selected business applications, such as built-in self-learning and adaptive intelligence solutions, to help you increase productivity and meet innovation demands. We reduce the burden of sharing and moving data across different cloud solutions.

    Server Optimization

    We boast a cloud solutions consulting team with extensively diverse industrial backgrounds that efficiently maintains cloud application software, provides automatic software updates and ensures that cloud applications remain accessible throughout on a pay-as-you-go basis.

    Business Analysis

    Personalized Design

    Cloud Architecture

    Server Optimization


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    How Can EES Cloud Software Consultation Help Your Business Reach New Heights?

    IT Infrastructure Assessment

    Looking to understand your workload migration requirements? EES cloud solutions consulting experts comprehensively assess your IT infrastructure and network architecture to improve security and make a solid cloud adoption, risk-free strategy.


    Get a detailed blueprint of how to implement cloud architecture effectively and increase workload efficiency with minimal resources. We use optimization strategies that align with business goals and sensitive databases, and give you a higher ROI. Our main focus is on the following aspects: Security, Scalability, Automation and Disaster recovery/Recovering ability

    Development and Deployment

    Our cloud engineers design a comprehensive SaaS architecture for your business and begin deployment in real-time to ensure that we carry out migration testing and use a cloud environment with minimal risks of data loss.

    Ongoing support

    Even after deployment, our team continues to monitor the functionality of implemented cloud strategies and optimizes the system according to performance.

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    Free Estimations

    Our consulting services are not only cost-saving, but also we don't charge a penny for estimations of solutions, whether for the internet, information, engineering, or financial technology. We know your business needs and value your hard-earned money.

    24/7 Customer Support

    EES customer support team is vigilant and responsive. Our consultancy surely benefits your workflow in multiple ways. The 24/7 customer service caters to the needs of our global customer base regardless of their time zones.


    We have a diverse team of IT experts to handle smooth cloud transition, infrastructure management, cloud maintenance and customization, application development, and security consulting. We can help maintain AI, VR, quantum, and robotics developments.


    EES offers the best cloud computing consulting services & respects advancing technologies in cloud migration, data center networking, software engineering, and Blockchain to fulfill future business needs. We focus on developing & implementing incomparable technologies.

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