Social media share and follow buttons is a great plugin from Suberb Themes to share your posts and pages to social media. This plugin helps your blog to stay connected with readers and followers.

Features of the plugin

With the help of this plugin you can share your post on all popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, Reddit, and even share it through email. Also, with the help of this plugin, your social media followers can follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest Linked In, flicker, GitHub, Snapchat, tabular, Vimeo, Foursquare, Behance, Medium Reddit, Dribble, and Twitch.

Here are few more Features of the Social Media Share and Follow plugin:

>Fully Responsive
>Customize Icon Order
>Show Share and/or Follow Icons in Start Of Posts
>Show Share and/or Follow Icons in End Of Posts
>Show Share and/or Follow Icons in Start Of Pages
>Show Share and/or Follow Icons in End Of Pages
>Floating Sidebar With Share and/or Follow Icons
>Combined or Separated Floating Sidebars
>Custom Floating Sidebar Positioning
>Hide/Show Any Icon Individually
>Hide Floating Sidebar on Mobile
>Shortcode Integration
>Show In Blocks/Widgets
>Premium Support
>100% Lightweight & SEO Optimized
>4 Different Share Button Designs
>Only Show Social Media Icons
>Edit/Remove Share/Follow Text
>Customize Share/Follow Text Color
>Customize Floating Sidebar Background Color

Pricing :

                       It comes in both, free which is a basic version as well as in premium version. Both versions provide you with great features but the premium version has more extended features than the basic version.
For example,  in a basic version, you do not have premium support but in the premium version, you get 24 x 7 premium support. The basic version is not 100% lightweight & optimized while the premium version is.

Apart from that, in the premier version, you get different share button designs but in the basic version, you do not get it. in the premium version, you can edit or remove share or follow text but this facility is not available in the basic version of the plugin so if you want to alter this share and follow text then you should buy the premium version of the plugin you can also customize the floating sidebar background color in the premium version of the plugin but cannot do it in free version text color shade and follow can also be customized using the premium version of the plugin.

You can buy and customize this plugin according to your needs and requirement. Having such plugins installed can positively impact your followers on social media. If you’re active on Instagram for example, adding a follow button using this plugin you stand a better chance to get Instagram followers.

Of course this may not sound as an efficient and effective way to attract an audience when you have other excellent options such as getting help from an Instagram growth service. But anyway even the smallest steps matter.

Plans Variations

This plugin comes in different payment plans, it comes in one-time purchase which is called normal price and it costs you $11. The second is a business subscription plan that costs you $69. This is called a business subscription.

Apart from a business subscription, you have a lifetime access plan. This will cost you $199 and the normal price of this plan is $249. The normal price of a business subscription plan is $99. While the normal price of the basic version is $34 but you get the discounted price, that’s why they cost you less.


Hence after looking at pricing plants and benefits of social media share and follow button plugin, it is proved that it is a must-have plugin if you are using superb themes on your blog or website. You can buy and customize this plugin according to your needs and requirement.

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