Public Cloud Infrastructure

The global market for public cloud computing has grown dramatically in recent years, and analysts expect this trend to continue; Gartner (link outside IBM) predicts that global public cloud revenues will reach $330 billion by 2022.

Because public cloud services are elastic and adaptable, they can adapt to changing workload demands, and many firms are migrating elements of their computer infrastructure to the cloud. Others are enticed by the prospect of increased efficiency and fewer squandered resources, as customers only pay for what they use. Others, meanwhile, want to save money on hardware and on-premises infrastructure.

Advantages of Public Cloud

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Why Choose EES?

EES assisted several Fortune 500 firms with the implementation of their public cloud infrastructure. The public cloud is preferred by businesses that value cost, scalability, and little maintenance.
EES offers services ranging from cloud and software solution setup through management, security, and maintenance.

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